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Netflix Users Urged To Check Bank Account For 'Unexpected Fee'

Netflix Users Urged To Check Bank Account For 'Unexpected Fee'

Prices have gone up!

Netflix users have been urged to check their bank accounts in case they have been charged for a new premium plan.

The new subscription has been reportedly offered automatically to users, and fees increased to £15.99.

Netflix users could have been paying more for a premium plan without knowing. (

The prices for plans have been increased by £1 a month, to £6.99 and £10.99 respectively. However some users have seen their plans automatically increased to the premium plan without asking.

Money-saving expert Lynn Beattie, known as Mrs Mummypenny, described the automatic upgrade as a "worrying concern".

She wrote in the Mirror that many of her followers had raised concerns with her that they were being charged too much.

She said: "Some of my followers say they were checking their Netflix accounts only to discover that they had been moved from cheaper basic and standard plans over to the premium plan.

Netflix premium lets users watch programmes and films on four different devices. (

"I shared this on my Facebook page and immediately got messages from followers upon checking that they had been unknowingly paying too much."

Netflix users have been quick to share their shock at paying more than they thought. One user said: "Thank you so much I had no idea I have been paying £15.99 for months."

Another added: "I managed to change it after I had paid it for months!"

A third said: "Just changed mine back."

A Netflix premium plan allows for the streaming platform to be viewed on four different devices at any time, perfect when the family share your account and all want to watch at the same time.

Netflix premium costs £15.99. (credit: pexel)
Netflix premium costs £15.99. (credit: pexel)

Downloads can also be viewed on four different devices compared to just two for the standard account and just one for the basic. However, the premium plan is priced more highly at £15.99, with the standard account costing £10.99 and the basic account costing £6.99. Those watching the pennies may want to cut back and reduce down to a cheaper account.

Tyla has reached out to Netflix for comment.

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