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Viewers left hiding behind the sofa after watching Netflix's new number one movie Fall

Viewers left hiding behind the sofa after watching Netflix's new number one movie Fall

This one isn't for the faint of hearted

Netflix users are freaking out and hiding behind their sofas after trying out the new thriller film Fall that just landed on the streaming service.

It might not be your typical horror film, but Fall and its simple storyline is pure nightmare fuel. Even the trailer would make your stomach turn:

The film tells the story of thrill-seeking best friends Becky and Hunter (Grace Carolina Currey and Virginia Gardner), who love to push their limits and conquer their fears.

After Becky's husband dies in a freak climbing accident, she and Hunter travel out to the desert and dare to scale a 2,000ft abandoned radio tower to scatter his ashes.

Even the idea of this might already be making some people's hearts drop into their stomachs.

But when they find themselves stranded at the top after the ladders break away from the pole, panic starts to set in.

Fall is absolutely terrifying Netflix viewers.

To make matters worse, their bag of supplies containing food and water has dropped and landed on a satellite dish just out of reach.

Now, their climbing skills - and their friendship - will be put to the ultimate test as they fight to survive on a lack of supplies, unbearable heights, and no way down.

Sounds intense, right?

Well Netflix viewers think so too. The verdict is: it's absolutely terrifying.

After risking it, one viewer Twitter: "Watching Fall on Netflix, don’t watch this if you don’t like heights……or just hide behind the sofa..."


A second shared: "I watched Fall on Netflix last night. It made me uncomfortable in ways that I didn't know I could be."

Another penned: "As someone with a late developed fear of heights, watching Fall on Netflix probably wasn't my best move - worse than a horror film!

"I mean it's really well done and some of the shots are stunning but [vomit emoji]."

Others admitted that they were probably 'going to have nightmares' after giving the film a go.

Even hardcore horror fans were hiding behind their hands.

"Watching Fall on Netflix, I love horrors, thrillers, gore but this is something else," wrote one petrified viewer.

"First film in a while that's made me feel genuinely uneasy and also can't stop watching."

The film will definitely give you sweaty palms.

Of course, some were sort of into the terror of it all.

"Holy sh*t," tweeted one fan.

"Visceral, physical reaction to every single second. Literally crying, shaking, with clammy hands by the time the credits rolled. What the f**k. Amazing."

Everyone's got their thing, I guess.

You can stream Fall now on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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