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Monsters Inside: The 24 Faces Of Billy Milligan - Netflix's New True Crime Documentary Sounds Chilling

Monsters Inside: The 24 Faces Of Billy Milligan - Netflix's New True Crime Documentary Sounds Chilling

The documentary about Billy Milligan is out now.

When it comes to true crime, Netflix never fails to deliver – and its latest offering looks set to be entirely gripping.

Available from 22nd September, Monsters Inside: The 24 Faces of Billy Milligan looks back at Ohio State University in 1977, where there were reports of a serial rapist attacking campus.

Watch the trailer below.

Detectives found Billy Milligan was clearly linked to events due to overwhelming evidence.

But upon his arrest, Billy’s behaviour seemed distinctly odd. He had no memories of the assaults, and his characteristics seemed to alter and cycle throughout questioning.

Psychiatrists diagnosed Billy with ‘dissociative identity disorder’ – meaning he had a number of split personalities inhabiting his mind. Further study of Billy found as many as 24 distinct multiples existing within Billy.

It was a landmark case in America (

In a trial that shocked and stunned America, Billy was found not guilty by reason of insanity, and sent to a series of psychiatric hospitals for 10 years.

However, not everyone is convinced of Billy’s diagnosis. A number of legal professionals have questioned whether Billy faked his changing personalities, using the disorder as the ultimate cover, and that he was really a narcissistic psychopath.

Sadly, it seems we’ll never know for certain – Billy died in 2014 aged 59, after he was diagnosed with cancer.

The Netflix synopsis of the new series reads: “In the late 1970s, an accused serial rapist claims multiple personalities control his behaviour, setting off a legal odyssey that captivates America.”

Billy died in 2014 (

In other Netflix news, people are currently obsessed with Clickbait, the streamer’s latest new thriller.

Nick Brewer (Adrian Grenier), who is pegged at the beginning of the series as the perfect family man, is kidnapped by anonymous people who post a video of him online holding a sign that says “At five million views, I die."

Later, more videos are posted that make allegations against Nick concerning abuse and murder, which shakes his family to their core as they try to find out where Nick is and who is behind the kidnapping. 

We’ve got so much we can’t wait to watch this month… 

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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