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Netflix viewers applaud 'outstanding' and 'terrifying' drama series based on the creator's chilling true story

Netflix viewers applaud 'outstanding' and 'terrifying' drama series based on the creator's chilling true story

The spine-tingling new addition to the streaming service has viewers hooked

Netflix is known for its ability to turn chilling true-crime, real life stories into heart-stopping psychologically-thrilling adaptations.

Just last week, the streaming service dropped the eagerly-awaited recreation of Prince Andrew's car-crash BBC interview in the form of impressive big-name drama series, Scoop.

And the week prior, viewers were blown away to discover that hit crime series Unbelievable is actually based on the harrowing story of medic Denise Huskins, who was taken from her California home in 2015, while she and boyfriend Aaron Quinn were sleeping.

Telly-lovers will be delighted to learn that Netflix has once again produced a stomach-churning horror that has left viewers tearing the hair out (in a good way!) and, to make matters even freakier, it is based on a haunting true story.

Despite it's adorable name, brand new British mini series Baby Reindeer isn't about furry, festive critters.

No, it follows the torturous tale of a writer and performer's warped relationship with a middle-aged woman named Martha, who becomes his stalker after they meet at the pub in which he works.

After the obsessive gets ahold of his contact information, she bombards him with increasingly-terrifying messages, all through the day and night, all of which end in the words, 'sent from my iPhone'.

"When a struggling comedian shows one act of kindness to a vulnerable woman, it sparks a suffocating obsession which threatens to wreck both their lives," Netflix's synopsis reads.

And already, viewers of the seven-part series cannot get enough, particularly with regards to the eerie plot twists that seemingly lie in wait around every corner.

Richard's stalker sent him countless emails. (Netflix)
Richard's stalker sent him countless emails. (Netflix)

Taking to social media to express their delight, one viewer penned: "Really loving Baby Reindeer on Netflix. Original, uncomfortable and increasingly creepy drama about a female stalker. 30 min episodes. Deserves to be a big hit."

Another gushed: "Having to take a break after ep 4 of Richard Gadd's Baby Reindeer on Netflix - an outstanding, important, terrifying, horrifying, captivating piece of work. Astounding performances from the two leads. Writing is immense - wonderfully shot. It's like a winding punch to the gut."

It isn't just the stellar cinematography, top-notch acting or intricate tale told that has viewers praying for a second series, however, it's the fact that Baby Reindeer is based on the real life experience of Scottish comic Richard Gadd, who plays the central role in the production.

The star was previously stalked in a similar way, before he himself adapted his story for his very own one-man production, upon which the Netflix version is based, with the addition of several more stars.

The terrifying stalker is based on a true story. (Netflix)
The terrifying stalker is based on a true story. (Netflix)

In his real life tale, a woman to whom he once handed a free cup of tea began repeatedly visiting the pub in which he worked, during which she became convinced of a romantic connection between the two of them.

For some time afterwards, he received over 40,000 emails, 740 tweets, 350 hours of voicemail, 100 letters and 45 Facebook messages from the woman in question, but was unable act after police refused to help.

"Stalking on television tends to be very sexed-up," Gadd told Netflix as the show landed. "It has a mystique, it’s somebody in a dark alley way. It’s somebody who’s really sexy, who’s very normal, but then they go strange bit by bit.

"But stalking is a mental illness. I really wanted to show the layers of stalking with a human quality I hadn’t seen on television before."

Eventually, the woman that had made Gadd's life a living hell for several years was legally prevented from ever approaching him or any members of his family again, despite not ever having been named.

Richard's case was eventually dealt with. (Netflix)
Richard's case was eventually dealt with. (Netflix)

And apparently, according to many viewers, the horrific true story being told in this excellent piece of work has left them emotionally invested to an extent they never expected.

"#BabyReindeer is insane but the fact that 1) it’s a true story 2) the main actor is the actual victim of the true story in real life makes it that much CRAZIER," one wrote on X.

Another went on: "I hope Richard Gadd gets a golden globe or a Emmy for #BabyReindeer. The way this man reenacted his own abuse and trauma, so brilliantly cannot go unnoticed."

"Richard Gadd is brilliant in Baby Reindeer! If you haven't seen it on Netflix you have too!!!! It's absolutely mind blowing!," a third added.

If you want to check it out for yourself, Baby Reindeer is available to stream on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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