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Terrifying Netflix horror Sabrina is leaving viewers seriously creeped out

Terrifying Netflix horror Sabrina is leaving viewers seriously creeped out

Sabrina follows the life of a toy manufacturer and his wife as they navigate, loss, their niece, and a possessed doll.

Have you ever watched a horror and decided to throw out every doll in the house?

If not, this might be the one that finally does it.

This terrifying doll movie might just give the likes of Chucky and Annabelle the run for their money in pure creep-factor points.

That’s because Netflix’s new film is out for blood, and we mean that literally.

The Indonesian film Sabrina, a hidden gem for horror fanatics who like to be spooked by the paranormal, was released in 2018 and it seems like it’s a pretty difficult watch by many viewers standards.

So, what’s the deal with the doll movie?

Sabrina is an oldie but a goldie for horror.
Hitmaker Studios / IMDB

For one, it’s made those who watch it, 'p*ss themselves.'

If that really gets you interested in what this creepy flick can do, consider it the perfect pick.

The story follows along actors, Luna Maya and Christian Sugiono, in a shockingly paranormal series of events.

Starting with sharing the lives of a toy manufacturer and his wife and delving into the twisted world of the demonic possession of a toy doll, this Netflix hit is one to watch during the day.

After losing her parents, the toy manufacturer gifts his niece a seemingly innocent doll to help with her loss, but instead, the girl uses it to attempt to summon the spirit of her late mother.

So, who is this doll?

If you're scared of possessions, stay clear.
Hitmaker Studios / IMDB

That’s right, it’s Sabrina.

Being the best doll on the market, she was quickly snapped up for the orphaned child and ended up becoming a portal to a demonic presence, after a ritual involving a Ouija board goes wrong.

Not only does this movie host some unexpected twists, but the film has been compared to an ‘unofficial sequel to The Conjuring’ online.

As for the everyday Joes who’ve watched out of curiosity, it’s been eventful to say the least.

Tweets from scared watchers filled up Twitter and the best reactions are still to come.

For example, one extreme reaction came from a user who wrote: “Sh***ing myself in the first half, p*ssing myself in the second half. It started off creepy and then it just got stupid.”

Some fans have claimed to have p***ed themselves.
Hitmaker Studios / IMDB

Though, not everyone is so easy to get the creeps, and might even find it funny.

This was the case of a second commenter who added: “Extremely funny movie, which starts off with cheap thrills in the first half and moves on to become a Conjuring spoof with funny CGI.”

Another fan wrote: “The biggest problem with this haunted doll movie Sabrina is that no child would ever want a doll that looked like that!”

If you’re a superfan of the doll possession theme, Netflix’s The Doll trilogy could be exactly what you need to get those goosebumps and heart racing.

Featured Image Credit: Hitmaker Studios

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