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Netflix fans 'haven't slept for weeks' after watching 'traumatising' horror movie Hellhole

Netflix fans 'haven't slept for weeks' after watching 'traumatising' horror movie Hellhole

Fans have praised the super scary flick

Horror fans say they haven’t been able to get Netflix’s Hellhole out of their heads for ‘weeks’ after watching it, which is pretty high praise for a scary movie, isn’t it?

Hellhole, which was released in 2022, is set in Poland in 1987 and centres on a police officer who has been tasked with investigating mysterious disappearances at a monastery. You can see the trailer here:

Naturally - with it being a horror movie - the cop makes a dark discovery about exactly what’s happening at the remote monastery. Cue the creepy music.

And the creepy movie has proved to be a hit with horror fans, with the flick’s ending being a particular highlight with viewers.

Taking to Twitter one said: “It’s been over two weeks since I’ve watched Hellhole on Netflix and it’s stuck in my brain!"

Another said: “I just finished Hellhole on Netflix and I’m sitting here thinking about it. It held my attention but wtf did I just watch?”

Someone else said their other-half couldn’t even get through the entire thing.


“Watch Hellhole on Netflix,” they wrote. “Slow burner but what an ending! Partner couldn't last though it, it was too gross.”

A fourth person said: “Okay so I’m glad I’m not the only one! I was not expecting that ending at all and it just escalated so fast.”

“I’m a sucker for weird demon stuff already but some of the shots in this are flat out beautiful,” praised another fan.

And if that’s whet your appetite for something a bit scary, then you can also consider sci-fi horror Splice, which Netflix viewers say left them feeling ‘traumatised’.

Directed by Vincenzo Natali, Splice stars Adrien Brody, Sarah Polley and Delphine Chanéac, and follows two scientists called Clive and Elsa as they attempt to experiment with DNA – with some pretty horrific consequences.

It was originally released back in 2009.
Warner Bros

A synopsis from Netflix reads: “Two scientists defy the pharmaceutical company that funds their research to continue with their unorthodox experiment to create a human-animal hybrid.”

And it was a hit with fans of the macabre - one viewer tweeted: “Just watched Splice, I am disturbed for life.”

While another said: I’m laughing at the Netflix comments on the movie Splice. I saw it when it first came out in 2010. It is the MOST disturbing movie I've ever seen. Scared me sh******. The ending left me traumatised.

"I love the Conjuring, paranormal movies but this is the most upsetting by far!"

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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