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Fans furious as one of Netflix's best horror movies is being removed from service

Fans furious as one of Netflix's best horror movies is being removed from service

Horror fans say this film is a must-watch.

Horror fans are up in arms after finding out that Netflix is about to remove one of its best original films from its streaming service.

By now, Netflix users are quite used to having to bid farewell to their favourite TV shows and films every now and again, due to the company's licensing rights.

But fans were left scratching their heads this week, when they discovered that beloved Netflix Original movie His House was on its way out - and right before Halloween, no less!

If you're not familiar with His House, it tells the frightening tale of a young refugee couple who are hoping to make a new life for themselves in an English town, after a harrowing escape from war-torn South Sudan. But their attempts to adjust to their new environment won't be easy, especially when there's an unspeakable evil lurking beneath the surface.

Sounds good, right?

Well, you better carve some time out over the next few days because there's approximately just one week left to stream the heart-wrenching, spine-chilling film.

The BAFTA-winning feature, which first landed on Netflix back in 2020, comes from the mind of writer and director Remi Weekes, and stars Wunmi Mosaku (Black Mirror), Sope Dirisu (Gangs of London), and Matt Smith (Dr Who, House of the Dragon).

His House is leaving Netflix this month.

Devastated to learn that the film was about to leave Netflix for the foreseeable, horror fans lashed out on Twitter.

"Wanna talk about disappearing media?" began one furious Netflix user. "His House, a great Netflix Original horror movie, is leaving the service next weekend. It has no physical release. Where's it going? Why is it leaving?

"It's airing on BBC Two the day after it leaves Netflix, but what happens to it after that?"

Another concerned user begged their followers: "Please please watch His House before it's removed from Netflix. I'll never forget how I felt the first time I watched it. It terrified me, disturbed me, moved me to tears. If you love horror and love great movies, watch it. This gem can't just disappear."

Meanwhile, a third wrote: "Somebody kindly explain to me why His House is being removed from Netflix. It's a bloody Netflix original, for crying out loud! There's no other official means of watching it!"

And a fourth tweeted: "Finally watched His House because I heard it’s unfortunately leaving #Netflix. This movie is so heart wrenching and unique. Please give it a watch!!"


People are being urged to watch this BAFTA-winning horror before it leaves Netflix.

Other fans pointed out that the film was only leaving Netflix in the UK and Ireland, but would still be available to stream on Netflix US.

Thankfully, though, producer Ed King was able to clear up fans' concerns, assuring them that His House would be available to watch elsewhere soon.

Adding to the conversation on Twitter, he wrote: "His House will still be available to watch in the UK. @BBCFilm were original financiers of the film with @NewRegency so that should give you a clue. Watch your socials in the next 24 hours!"

Although the film is listed as a Netflix Original, as King pointed out, His House was a co-production with BBC Films and New Regency.

Chances are that Netflix struck a two-year deal with the companies. And, if we were to take an educated guess, we'll soon be able to watch His House on BBC iPlayer.

Tyla has approached BBC for comment.

His House is available to stream on Netflix until 29 October.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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