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Netflix turned cancelled TV show into its current most-watched series worldwide

Netflix turned cancelled TV show into its current most-watched series worldwide

Fans of the show were left gutted when it was cancelled on a cliffhanger, but Netflix came to the rescue

Netflix has managed to take a cancelled show and turn it into the most watched series on its platform - and you can see a trailer for the show here:

Mystery-drama Manifest originally landed on NBC back in 2018, but fans were left devastated when it was dropped after three seasons; not least because it ended on a cliffhanger.

However, as it did with Arrested Development and Lucifer, Netflix picked up the show and it has now flown its way to the top of the most-watched list worldwide and is being hailed as ‘the best thing’ on TV by viewers.

Manifest follows a group of plane passengers who all find themselves about the time-bending Flight 828, from Jamaica to New York.

But when the passengers land, they discover that five years have passed and that their loved ones all presumed they were dead.

Manifest first launched in 2018 on NBC, telling the story of a group of strangers, who all end up on the same flight from Jamaica to New York.

While those aboard the flight try to come to terms with what happened and move on with their lives, they experience strange phenomenons, such as visions of the future and other weird realities.

The show ran for three seasons and, without giving away any spoilers, ended on a pretty big cliffhanger, much to the upset of fans.

However, Netflix went on to save the day and picked up the show, with all three seasons available to stream and a new fourth season being commissioned.

The first batch of season four episodes landed on Netflix on 4 November, which fans have already binged their way through, and the final episodes are due to arrive at a later date.

Shortly after the new episodes arrived, the show became the number one most watched series on Netflix with millions of hours streamed.

In a post on Twitter, the official Manifest account wrote: "It's official: Manifest is the #1 series on Netflix worldwide with over 57 million hours streamed."


Speaking about the show's cancellation, star Melissa Roxburgh (who plays Michaela Stone in the show) told The Hollywood Reporter: "It was honestly horrible because it was still during peak covid, so we couldn’t do a wrap party or anything. So we just sort wrapped the season and that was it.

"If we had ended the show there, we all would have been a little bit depressed — I’m happy that Netflix brought us back, not only to finish the story but to give everyone a proper goodbye."

And viewers are equally delighted, with one saying: "Manifest is the best show rn i love that show fr!"

Another wrote: “Really happy Netflix didn’t ruin Manifest with season 4, it’s actually so good.”

And someone else said: “Manifest may be one of the best series on Netflix. Ever.”

Manifest seasons one to three are streaming in their entirety on Netflix now, alongside the first batch of season 4.

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