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Naked Attraction Viewers Horrified At Contestant's X-Rated 'Perfect Date'

Naked Attraction Viewers Horrified At Contestant's X-Rated 'Perfect Date'

Naked Attraction fans were shocked last night as a contestant tried out his best chat-up line.

Isobel Pankhurst

Isobel Pankhurst

Naked Attraction fans were left shocked last night when one contestant tried out his best chat-up line.

Luke was asked how he'd treat potential date Deanne like a lady, and this was his NSFW answer:

However, the line didn't quite hit the mark as it left viewers at home cringing.

One viewer posted on social media, commenting: "Oh FFS he didn't just say that did he."

Luke's flirtatious line didn't manage to secure him a date (
Channel 4)

Host Anna Richardson posed a question to the four naked men after one had already been sent packing.

She asked: "Ladette Deanne would like somebody who can treat her a little bit more like a lady. So how would you treat her like a lady?"

The question may seem easy enough, but perhaps not as Luke answered: "I would wine ya and dine ya and 69 you."

Deanne could be seen reacting in what looked like a mixture of hilarity and horror - can you really blame her?

Contestant Deanna seemed to be stuck between hilarity and horror at the remark (
Channel 4)

Richard appeared to gloss over the X-rated answer, while Anna asked the 26-year-old hospitality worker: "Confident voice? Is it manly enough for you?"

Deanne replied: "Yeah, yeah" but ultimately did not pick Luke for the night's date

Viewers took to social media with their reactions to the bizarre remark. One wrote: "He looked so proud of himself as if no-one's ever said it before."

Another tweeted: "Nope, pass" while another joked: "Who could resist such a smoothie?"

Deanna picked other contestant Lewis for a date (
Channel 4)

In a perhaps unsurprising move, Deanna did not choose Luke for the date night.

Instead, she opted for Lewis, who had answered saying he would give her a one-way ticket to Venice if asked to treat her like a lady.

The two appeared to hit it off, with Deanna telling the cameras: "Me and Lewis spent the night together and we decided the next day to stay another night.

"It was the best date that I've ever had."

Lewis then added: "She is probably the funniest girl I've ever met. And she is beautiful."

The two were still going strong at the time of the episode's airing as Deanna finished by saying: "We've been speaking every day since the day. You came over last Sunday. We're both going with the flow."

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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