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My Name Viewers 'Can't Stop Crying' After Binge-Watching Series

My Name Viewers 'Can't Stop Crying' After Binge-Watching Series

New Netflix release My Name teased tears, tragedy and twists when series one dropped on 19th October. Viewers loved the 'angsty' K-Drama.

New Netflix revenge drama My Name teased tears, twists and tragedy when the trailer dropped on 19th October. It’s safe to say fans weren’t disappointed with the latest release – and neither were we.

The binge-worthy South Korean series centres a woman who joins a notorious gang in an attempt to avenge her father’s death at the hands of the police.

Viewers were left emotionally exhausted after watching all eight episodes back-to-back – while some had their minds on more than just the plotline.

Watch the trailer below:

Fans were left thirsting after ‘DILF’ Park Hee-soon, known as Choi Mu-jin in the series. The ‘cold-bloodedness’ of his character seemingly added to the ‘simp’ factor.

“Choi Mu-jin isn’t only a hot DILF,” one person said. “But also a genius.” They added that they were currently ‘punching the air’ whilst Tweeting.

“POV: you watched My Name because of Han So-hee but ended up simping because of Choi Mu-jin,” another joked.

'Cold' newcomer Choi Mu-jin captured the hearts of fans (

Although some fans thoroughly enjoyed the – shall we say – casting choice for the show, others found themselves drained at the end of it. One person even confessed that they were ‘traumatised’ after watching the ‘angsty’ drama.

“I cried so much when it ended,” revealed a fan. Another labelled it a “thrilling ride.”

Eight intense episodes left fans emotionally drained (

Netflix promised an action-packed show, and we weren’t the only ones pleased to see that they delivered. “For anyone wanting to watch a really good drama with A+ fight scenes,” one person Tweeted, “the Korean show My Name on Netflix is *chef’s kiss*”.

“Fight scenes were on point,” another fan gushed.

All stunts were performed by Han So-hee herself (

Seasoned K-Dramas were united with usually-stubborn subtitle-haters in their love for My Name.

Lead cast member Han So-hee was met with an overwhelming level of praise online, and we’re majorly excited to see what she gets up to next! 

Featured Image Credit: Credit: Netflix

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