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Netflix viewers left on edge of their seats after binge-watching new thriller series

Netflix viewers left on edge of their seats after binge-watching new thriller series

Audiences can't get enough of it

Netflix viewers have been left on the edge of their seats after binge-watching a new Netflix thriller series.

The show, which was created by two-time BAFTA nominee Jack Lothian, starring Evin Ahmad, first hit our screens last month (24 August) and has made quite a buzz amidst audiences.

In case you haven't got round to watching it yet, the plot for the series follows Erin Collantes, a British teacher in Spain (Ahmad), who finds herself caught up in a supermarket robbery and when one of the robbers claims to recognise her, her life threatens to unravel...

Take a look at the trailer here:

Joining Ahmad includes Sean Teale who plays Jordi, Indica Watson who portrays Harper and Susannah Fielding, who plays Olivia.

The official Netflix synopsis reads: "Sometimes running from your past leads you right back to it. That’s how things are shaping up for British expat Erin Carter after relocating to Barcelona.

"Her exit from the UK was a bit rushed, but we don’t quite know why, and when her local grocery store is held up by gunmen, Erin, now a substitute teacher, starts kicking a**.

"Like, hard. So much so that the police begin to wonder how she’s managed it. She’s a teacher. How does she know all these slick moves? Soon, her tranquil life in Spain spirals out of control, and her mysterious - and violent - past is exposed."

Now, I don't know about you but that's definitely sold me.

And it's clearly not just me, as other fans of the show have since flocked to social media to share their praise for the beyond seat-gripping series.

Who is Erin Carter? dropped on Netflix platform last month.

One Twitter user dubbed it a 'top tier series', while a second penned: "Just finished watching Who Is Erin Carter? on Netflix and I was ballin my eyes out towards the end... 10/10."

A fellow binge-watcher added: "Finished Who Is Erin Carter? Such a good show!"

"Who is Erin Carter? is actually such a good series like there’s no boring moments!" a fourth chimed in.

Others were so invested in the action-packed plot that they literally couldn't sit still on their sofas - literally on the edge.

"I'm watching Who is Erin Carter? on Netflix and omg I’m on the edge of my seat," revealed one.

A final Twitter user echoed: "Who Is Erin Carter? got me on the edge of my seat!"

Well, that's this month binge-watch sorted then.

Who Is Erin Carter? is currently available to stream on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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