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‘Blockbuster’ ITV drama compared to Liam Neeson film as viewers binge ‘thrilling’ series

‘Blockbuster’ ITV drama compared to Liam Neeson film as viewers binge ‘thrilling’ series

The ITVX drama has viewers glued to their screen as they compare it to the 2014 Neeson flick

A new addition to ITVX has got people talking and viewers are so hooked that they're binging the lot in one go.

Dropping on 21 April on ITV1 and ITVX, the show stars Fool Me Once’s Richard Armitage as a British doctor called Matthew Nolan, accused of murdering a woman whilst in Hong Kong on a business trip.

Due to the allegations, he’s sent back to London on the last flight of the day - hence the title, which is a popular term used for late night flights that leave you exhausted.

Here's the trailer...

Matthew Nolan’s character is under the watchful eye of DC Hana Li (played by Jing Lusi) - who has little time for him but is forced to spent time with him due to the circumstances.

The result is a six-part spine-tingling thriller largely set aboard an aircraft, with some scenes filmed in Stansted Airport.

Red Eye viewers have been totally gripped and have even drawn comparisons to an iconic Liam Neeson blockbuster.

One person said: “Have viewed all of new drama series Red Eye on ITVX starring Richard Armitage. It’s a bit like Liam Neeson’s film Non-Stop with spy-stuff.”

This new ITV drama has viewers hooked (ITV)
This new ITV drama has viewers hooked (ITV)

Non-Stop was an acclaimed film released back in 2014. The plot followed a US air marshal (Neeson), as he receives threatening messages demanding that his airline transfer $150 million to an offshore account.

The failure of this means that the passengers of his flight will be killed.

Nail-biting stuff.

If you’re yet to watch Red Eye, that’s probably all you need to read to tune in.

There’s heaps more praise on social media, with viewers stunned by what they’d seen.

The series follow a doctor being accused of murder (ITV)
The series follow a doctor being accused of murder (ITV)

One person wrote: “Just binge watched the entire 'RED EYE' series. Absolutely one of the best ITV 'mini-series' in recent times in my opinion. Had a real blockbuster feel to it. The people getting so worked up over it are clearly forgetting its fiction. Just enjoy the drama!”

A second person chimed: “Red eye apt description of a 3 hour viewing binge. Worth every minute. I now want to explore hidden areas of planes.”

A third person wrote: “Loving Red Eye on ITV 1, big fan of Richard Armitage, and I laughed out loud when I saw Jonathan Aris was in a drama about a plane in trouble! (He’s the voice of Plane Crash Investigation/Mayday).”

There you have it - your next night in is sorted.

Just prepare to be glued to the screen.

Featured Image Credit: ITVX

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