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'Missing' Casa Amor Girl Reveals She Had A Connection In The Villa

'Missing' Casa Amor Girl Reveals She Had A Connection In The Villa

Jazmine has spilled on her unaired romance.

Casa Amor bombshell Jazmine Nichol has revealed that she had a romantic connection with one of the boys in the Love Island villa that was never aired.

When fans weren't up in arms over the boys' bad behaviour during the notorious Casa Amor trip last week, they were all asking the same question: where is Jazmine?

The 21-year-old model had hardly any air time during her brief stint on the ITV reality series, so fans were shocked when they learned that she had a connection with Andrew LePage, and even thought she might leave the show with a boyfriend.

Speaking to YouTuber Murad Merali after being dumped from the villa, Jazmine revealed that she had not only fallen for Andrew, but had her heart broken by him, too.

This came as a shock to fans, who watched Andrew cry over his lost connection with Tasha Ghouri, and eventually go on to couple up with Casa bombshell Coco Lodge.

Asked why Andrew decided to go for Coco if he had a connection with Jazmine, the dumped Islander explained: "Coco was never mentioned. All the boys on that first day were like: 'You like Andrew, we want to get to know you because you're for Andrew.'

"So everyone around me is painting that I'm going to come out with this boyfriend, because all the boys are like: 'This is the girl, this is the girl.'"

Jazmine claims that, later that night, she had a private conversation with Andrew on the terrace to tell him that she was interested.

She said: "I said: 'What's your bed situation?' He said: 'I'm going to sleep outside on the day bed to respect Tasha. But it's not because I don't want to share it with you.'

"Then, ten minutes later, Coco - the girl I talked about Andrew to, the girl I was closest to - she went up on the terrace and kissed him."

Andrew eventually ended up recoupling with Coco when the Islanders were reunited.

As viewers saw on the series, it wasn't long before Andrew and Coco were sharing a bed together and getting up to all sorts of fun (#titgate).

But what they didn't see was a heartbroken Jazmine, who says she only found out about Coco and Andrew's kiss when she heard the other boys laughing.

"My heart just drops, because I've been in that situation before, and I told Andrew this, I've been cheated on and found out in a similar situation. And he knew that," Jazmine alleges.

"From my point of view, it was like: millions of people are going to see me look like a mug.

"You've opened up to a boy because he's the nice boy and he's done that to you, and the world's going to see that... I just felt like an idiot."

Tyla has contacted ITV for a comment regarding Jazmine's claims about what didn't make it to the screen.

Fans got to see Andrew share a kiss with Coco.

Understandably, fans of the series were shocked to hear that Jazmine's entire storyline had been cut from the series - and that Andrew had been flirting with yet another bombshell while the girls were away.

Taking to Twitter, one baffled viewer wrote: "Finding out that Andrew said he manifested Jazmine, was prepared to leave Tasha for her, then Coco despite knowing about their connection went up to the terrace and kissed him.

"Andrew was even going to sleep on the day bed the first night! How is all of this not shown?!"

Another tweeted: "Andrew and Jazmine had a whole day of getting to know each other before he went behind her back with Coco, no words at all."

Meanwhile, a third raved: "I'm so here for Jazmine speaking her truth."

While Jazmine shares her story with the public, Andrew has been working on winning Tasha back after cooling things off with Coco.

It looks like the pair are back on track after a rocky week, but will they make it to the final?

Love Island continues on Wednesday night at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVHub.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Murad Merali/ITV

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