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People Are Calling Lashana Lynch As Matilda's Miss Honey The 'Perfect Casting'

People Are Calling Lashana Lynch As Matilda's Miss Honey The 'Perfect Casting'

The new Matilda film is coming and fans are excited about Lashana Lynch playing Miss Honey.

The trailer for the Matilda reboot dropped earlier this week and fans of the iconic Roald Dahl book and 1996 film adaptation are beyond excited to see Lashana Lynch as Miss Honey. Watch below:

The No Time to Die and Captain Marvel star has taken on the role of the world's most beloved teacher, who takes Matilda (played by Alisha Weir) under her wing when she discovers her academic talents and telekinetic powers.

As fans are already aware, Miss Honey eventually adopts Matilda and the pair live happily ever after together.

After the trailer was released, fans rushed to Twitter to share their excitement about Lynch's casting.

One excited fan tweeted: "OMG Lashana Lynch as Miss Honey is PERFECT CASTING".

A second Twitter user reacted to the trailer with: "S/o to Lashana Lynch as Ms. Honey! Love it".

While a third fan quipped: "Will only be watching for Lashana".

Fans are excited to see Lashana Lynch as Miss Honey.

The compliments kept rolling in, with a fourth Twitter account tweeting: "Y’all have no idea the LOVE I have for this musical. Honestly this story overall. THIS LOOKS SO F***ING GOOD. AND LASHANA LYNCH AS MISS HONEY. I'VE NEVER BEEN MORE READY".

One hilarious comment read: "God I’m sorry I still cannot believe Lashana Lynch is playing Miss Honey like who do I get to thank for this immense gift to me".

Miss Honey was portrayed by Embeth Davidtz in the 1996 film adaptation, directed by Danny DeVito who also starred in the film as Matilda's dad Mr. Wormwood.

Lashana Lynch portrays Miss Honey.

In case you haven't watched or read Matilda before, the classic 1988 children's story centres around Matilda Wormwood, a young girl with telekinetic powers who uses her gifts for good, to play pranks on her neglectful parents and fight back against bullies.

Matilda is also a child genius and avid reader, often escaping to the library to get away from her parents.

When Matilda starts going to school, she learns to stand up to the bullies in her life, including evil headmistress Miss Trunchbull, with the help of her favourite teacher, Miss Honey.

In the upcoming musical film adaptation, Love Actually star and Oscar winner Emma Thompson will play the petrifying headmistress.

The cast also includes Line of Duty's Stephen Graham as Mr. Wormwood and Birdman star Andrea Riseborough as Mrs. Wormwood.

Netflix, in partnership with Sony Pictures, will release Matilda in cinemas on 2 December 2022.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix/Sony

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