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MAFS UK Fans Spot Clue Alexis And Ant Will Return As Couple

MAFS UK Fans Spot Clue Alexis And Ant Will Return As Couple

Say it's true!

When we spotted Married at First Sight's Ant and Alexis flirting at the end of the first dinner party, we had high hopes. So when they both left the show after the first commitment ceremony, fans were gutted.

But now, one person has spotted a sneaky clue that they could both be making a return to the show - perhaps together?

Sharing a video on TikTok, it seems the two are back at a different dinner party.

You can watch the video below:

In the clip, Ant and Alexis can be seen sat together - and they're wearing completely different clothes to the last dinner party.

The clip then flicks over to Megan, who is also in a different outfit.

Tyla has contacted E4 for comment on whether the pair will be making a return, but if they do, it'll definitely be to the delight of fans, who were gutted the pair wouldn't have the opportunity to see if there was a connection there.

After Thursday's episode, one wrote on Twitter: "If Ant and Alexis do not come back as a couple I’ll be fuming."

Alexis and Ant had been flirting at the first dinner party (

Meanwhile another said: "Ant and Alexis should come back as a couple! They deserve a chance!"

And another added: "I’m just sad that Alexis and Ant had to leave. Would have been nice to see them explore that little spark they had at the dinner party."

The pair first noticed their connection at the show's first dinner party, when Nikita stormed off after a row with Jordon. Both Alexis and Jordon hadn't been getting on well in their marriage, and after chatting with Ant, the model admitted: "You can't deny he's very handsome, he's like chiselled, he's got the sexy eyes."

Ant and Alexis had a spark (

Is there a future for these two?! We certainly hope so.

MAFS UK continues Monday-Thursday at 9pm on E4.

Featured Image Credit: E4

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