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Married at First Sight's Adrian explosively says two couples 'wife-swapped' after the show

Married at First Sight's Adrian explosively says two couples 'wife-swapped' after the show

Consider the tea well and truly spilled

Married at First Sight UK might have wrapped up its latest season, but the drama continues to unfold.

Alongside the first part of an explosive reunion special which aired last night, one of the show's faves - Adrian Anderson - claimed that two couples 'wife-swapped' after the show.

Not only is this news to the fans, but even the other couples were shocked at the revelation.

The tea was spilled on Instagram Live when Adrian joined Chanita Stephenson, Sophie Brown and Duka Cavolli for a Q&A after part one of the reunion episode aired.

Up until that point, the only swapping viewers knew about was that of Whitney Hughes and Matt Murray, who cheated on their partners Duka and Gemma Rose respectively.

But if Adrian's sources are to be believed, there were more contestants who strayed from their marriages when the cameras stopped rolling.

The drama unfolded when Chanita, who ended up splitting with her husband Jordan Emmett-Connelly before the reunion episode was recorded, read out the question: "Have there been any more couple swaps since the show?"

Although she answered 'no', there was some chuckling amongst the group before Chanita addressed Adrian, who replied: "I think that there has been... There has been."

Four of the contestants took part in an Instagram Live Q&A session.

Appearing shocked, Chanita asked him to clarify, to which he said: "I thought it was common knowledge so I'm now confused and you're confused, or are you all pretending you don't know what I know?"

She then asked if it involved anyone who was there, but Adrian clammed up, stating: "I'm not giving anything away.

"I didn't know I was the only one who had the tea.

"Maybe it's not true. I didn't get it from the horse's mouth but this horse is in reverse... There was two that did."

Talk about a cliffhanger.

Thankfully we don't have long to wait until the second and final episode of the reunion drops - here's hoping more of the tea comes out.

While we're on the topic of the explosive Instagram Live session, Chanita also pointed to one bizarre incident that, for some reason, didn't make it to air.

Adrian was matched with Thomas Hartley on the show.

"One thing you didn't get to see at that dinner party was at one point it was that chaotic that someone felt the need to flash their boobs in order to try and calm the situation and distract everybody," she recalled.

"So the person went 'right guys' stood up and went boom."

Without naming names, she continued: "The funny thing is, you know at most dinner parties that would be a pretty big thing, you know for someone to get their boobs out.

"Everyone would probably stop and talk about it and gasp, but no, at this dinner party everyone just went 'yeah anyway...'

"It was at that moment I realised what I was seeing wasn't normal."

Part two of the Married at First Sight UK reunion airs tonight at 9:00pm on E4.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@adriansanderson

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