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MAFS Australia Fans Shocked As Glasses Are Smashed In Heated Row

MAFS Australia Fans Shocked As Glasses Are Smashed In Heated Row

The scene was truly shocking.

Married at First Sight Australia fans were shocked on Monday night when they tuned in to the latest episode to see contestants get into an argument so heated that it ended with Dom smashing a glass.

In the latest episode from Australia - which is considerably further on in the series than the UK is - Domenica Calarco, 29, came to a head with fellow bride Olivia Frazer, 27, during a dinner party.

Watch the moment here:

It all kicked off when Domenica decided to confront fellow contestant Carolina about the way she had been treating her partner Dion.

Olivia was quick to stand up for Carolina by telling Dom: "I'm bored of your f***ing voice just yelling all the time!"

She continued: "I'm losing my mind! It's all I hear all the f***ing time, is you yelling! I go to the bin, I hear you yelling in your room. I'm sick of it! I'm trying to speak and you're sitting there going, 'I'm bored, I'm bored, I'm bored' - I'm bored of you yelling!'"

The comment was a sore spot for Domenica, who yelled back: "That's the way I speak!"

Dom, who is of Italian descent, complained: "My entire f***ing life I've been f***ing told that my voice isn't f***ing enough", smashing the glass in front of her.

Domenica was furious over Olivia's comment. (
Nine Network)

Despite the shocking outburst, fans were more disappointed in Olivia's behaviour, and all collectively sided with Domenica.

One viewer tweeted: "Even though Dom broke glass like a madman, all the girls still walked towards her to comfort her and Olivia and Carolina was left sitting alone. THAT alone, is telling."

A second commented: "Olivia: the way you speak to people is rude… you shouldn’t swear so much. Also Olivia whilst yelling: IM F***ING BORED OF YOU. 😂 0-100 but Dom has an attitude. Okay then?"

Meanwhile, other fans have suggested that Olivia's comments on Dom's voice were discriminatory.

One viewer suggested: "Dom - an Italian woman. Olivia - an Australian woman. THERE ARE SIGNIFICANT CULTURAL DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THEM. VOICE, TONE AND VOLUME ESPECIALLY! if you can’t read between the lines: Olivia was discriminating and bullying Dom bc of her ethnicity and upbringing."

Another asked: "Ok but does anyone else sense the underlying racism in Olivia’s comments about Dom’s voice?"


Married At First Sight Australia continues weeknights at 7.30pm on E4.

Featured Image Credit: Nine Network

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