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MAFS Fans Spot Strange Detail With Men On Show

MAFS Fans Spot Strange Detail With Men On Show

We didn’t even spot this!

Married At First Sight has been chock-fill of drama – we’ve seen rows at the dinner party, sniping and DM slides.

But while we’ve been watching all the chaos and catfights on screen, some more eagle-eyed fans had noticed something even more strange going on with the men on the series.

Even Paul went sans socks today (
Channel 4)

And once it’s been pointed out, you won’t be able to stop noticing it.

Yep, the men on Married At First Sight UK have a huge aversion to socks.

In the most recent commitment ceremony, some fans spotted that a number of people, including Bob, Josh and even matchmaker Paul were sans socks – and were left baffled as to why they’re going barefooted in their shoes.

Taking to Twitter, one person flippantly wrote: “Far too many ankles on show tonight! Buy some flippin’ socks!”

The MAFS men dont like socks (

A second added: “Why don’t the men on #MAFSUK wear socks? Slip ons, trousers and no socks…” before putting in a few

questioning emojis.

Meanwhile, a third said: “Socks…anyone bother?”

It’s not the first time that people have noticed the men don’t like wearing socks – with Big Bob one of the worst culprits for ditching his socks.

Aren't their ankles cold? (

“Can someone please give poor ol' Bob a pair of socks?” someone asked.

A second chipped in: “I need Bob to start wearing socks with his shoes! Please!”


In other Married At First Sight news, fans have been left stunned that this is the final commitment ceremony of the season, with many expecting the show to go on for longer like the Australian version.

“Errr why is Married at First Sight ending already? It’s only just started!” one person asked.

It was the final commitment ceremony of the season (
Channel 4)

“So is it over after this commitment ceremony or...” a second person questioned.

A third said: “I’m so confused , is Married At First Sight UK ending really soon??? Why are we already get the final commitment ceremony?”

It’s bad news for us…but good news for sock enthusiasts, we guess…

Married At First Sight continues Mondays to Thursdays at 9pm on E4.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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