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Married at First Sight fans ‘change their mind’ about Harrison after explosive post show interview

Married at First Sight fans ‘change their mind’ about Harrison after explosive post show interview

Harrison was certainly one of the stars of the latest series of MAFS Australia, though he is not happy with the show's producers

Married at First Sight fans have 'changed their mind' about Harrison after he gave an explosive post-show interview.

Fans of the latest MAFS Australia series will be well aware of Harrison as he made the headlines from the get-go.

The 32-year-old builder married 28-year-old beauty educator Bronte Schofield in the first episode, but it all ended rather sour as one of the bridesmaids recognised the groom.

The 'in-the-know' bridesmaid, named Jessica, told Bronte at the reception that the groom is, in fact, already dating someone outside the experiment.

At the reception, Jessica said: "I have a friend who is from Sydney. She told me about this guy that is going on to Married at First Sight that she has been dating for the last month and a half.

"I spoke to her, she told me how he’s saying (he) wants to be with her when he finishes this experiment… It’s Harrison.

Harrison made the headlines on MAFS from the get-go with his partner.

"He’s pretty much been planning a future with this young girl. And he’s planning on being with her after this experience."

Jessica then revealed a series of screenshots on her phone which apparently showed text messages between Harrison and the unknown woman in the lead up to the wedding.

Despite what was shown on-screen for everyone to see, Harrison has said that he has actual proof that producers of the show ended up tampering with the edit.

Speaking on the Divorced! Beheaded! THRIVED! podcast, Harrison claimed that Channel Nine ended up chopping together different pieces of audio from separate interviews to make a sentence in the final cut, which he says 'made no sense'.

He gave an example on the podcast of one particular scene where he claims the 'vocals' change in what appears to be the same moment on-screen.

The MAFS star even pointed out a moment where he was smoking while he was speaking with Claire, saying it was portrayed on screen as if he was lighting a cigarette right in front of her.

Harrison is not happy with how he was portrayed in MAFS.

Following this rather explosive and honest interview, fans' perceptions of Harrison have somewhat changed.

Replying to the podcast's Instagram page, one MAFS viewer said: "After watching this on YouTube, my opinion on Harrison has done a 180.

"I knew editing would have had a part in it, but I didn't realise how far it went.

"He just seems very open and honest."

Elsewhere in the podcast, Harrison even labelled MAFS Australia edits as 'illegal'.

Tyla has reached out to Channel Nine for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Channel Nine

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