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Chaos as screenshots expose Married at First Sight groom at wedding

Chaos as screenshots expose Married at First Sight groom at wedding

Married at First Sight's first episode has already brought controversy

Married at First Sight Australia is back with a bunch of singletons hoping to find love in a less that typical conventional way.

Fans of the show will know it is often full of drama, whether that is couples involved in serious arguments or the not so small act of cheating with other brides and grooms.

Nonetheless, millions of people love Married at First Sight, and its new series has a lot of people excited for the episodes ahead. And just one episode into the new series, the drama has already started with one of the couples.

While it may have been disaster for this one particular couple, it has certainly made for great viewing.

32-year-old builder Harrison Boon married 28-year-old beauty educator Bronte Schofield in the first episode, but it all ended rather sour as one of the bridesmaids recognised the groom.

The in the know bridesmaid named Jessica told Bronte at the reception that the groom is, in fact, already dating someone outside the experiment.

At the reception, Jessica said: "I have a friend who is from Sydney. She told me about this guy that is going on to Married at First Sight that she has been dating for the last month and a half.

"I spoke to her, she told me how he’s saying (he) wants to be with her when he finishes this experiment… It’s Harrison.

Harrison was caught out in the first episode of Married at First Sight.

"He’s pretty much been planning a future with this young girl. And he’s planning on being with her after this experience."

Jessica then revealed a series of screenshots on her phone which apparently showed text messages between Harrison and the unknown wedding in the lead up to the wedding.

But the bombshells did not stop there, as Jessica revealed some more text messages that were sent.

"And then (he told her), ‘Imagine if I got you pregnant before I went on Married at First Sight – what a scandal.'

"Oh, and he has a kid."

After the allegation, Bronte questioned her new husband to ask if there was any truth to what Jessica had said.

The bride was evidently furious.

She asked: "Who’s the 20-year-old that you have on the outside?"

Harrison replied: "I was seeing a number of girls before I came on this.

"I was seeing multiple women at a time."

Before matched with a partner, Harrison told show producers: "I’m most worried that the experts would match me with someone who I wasn’t attracted to.

"I am a catch and I think any girl would be lucky to walk down the aisle to me."

Only time will tell to see if this already rocky marriage will last!

Married at First Sight Australia 2023 will be available to watch in the UK soon.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 9

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