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MAFS Fans Left Cringing At Amy's Awkward Moment

MAFS Fans Left Cringing At Amy's Awkward Moment

Amy, read the room.

So, we’re still not over this dinner party on Married At First Sight.

Before the couples came together for the dinner party, each pairing was tasked with writing each other an ‘anonymous’ letter to one of the other couples of what they really make of their marriage.

Naturally, as there was no names signed, some of our couples saw this as a chance to be as savage as possible – with Bob and Megan in the firing line.

Amy and Josh watched over Megan and Bob read their letter (

Fans of the show will remember that Megan shared a kiss with Jordon after one dinner party, and believed that she wasn’t suited to fun-loving (and often teary Bob).

And this was made perfectly clear in the letter, with the people penning the piece urging Bob and Megan to ‘go home’ as they were clearly only ever going to be just friends.

Well, the writing didn’t phase Bob and Megan, who ripped up the note and laughed it off, saying that each couple only saw such a tiny part of their partnership and that they were stronger than they let on.

Amy's toast went t*ts up (
Channel 4)

This news clearly moved something in Amy, who thought that their stirring words were deserving of a toast, asking everyone to charge their glasses to Megan and Bob… only for nobody else to join in.

Eeeeeek, the cringe, we can’t handle it.

Naturally, Twitter found the moment hilarious too.

Amy's toast was a lead ballon (
Channel 4)

“To Bob and Megan!” someone wrote, before adding an *awkward silence* meme.

“Nah when Amy raised her glass to Meg and Bob and no one replied,” said a second. “This is such an iconic hour of TV.”

A third people joked: “Read the room Amy,” while a fourth said: “Amy TOASTING just then was so awkward and relatable hahahah.”

But that toast was the least of Amy’s problems, with the dinner getting sour after Morag once again mentioned the fact that Josh had DM’d her before they were all on the programme – and naturally, it all kicked off.

Amy's toast fell flat (
Channel 4)

Well, we won’t be raising a glass to Amy and Josh any time soon…

Married At First Sight continues Monday to Thursdays at 9pm on E4.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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