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Married at First Sight UK set for major twist in new series

Married at First Sight UK set for major twist in new series

The hit dating show is set to be explosive and it's borrowed a twist from its Australian counterpart

Married at First Sight UK is set to return to our screens imminently, but there will be a major new twist this season.

In case you're unfamiliar with the show, its premise - as risky as it sounds - is in the title, and it sees total strangers marry each other at first sight.

The couples are matched by experts, and while there is a lot of logic behind the pairings, often things don't go to plan.

For instance, in the trailer above, one of the male contestants says: "She's been intimate with somebody else. I've been cheated on."

At one of the dinner parties between the couples Chanita, from Derby, snaps: "Your wife's been chatting s**t about me."

The PA can also be seen in another clip screaming at her husband: "Stop being fake!" 

However, this season there's set to be a brand new twist.

News of the twist was revealed by The Sun, who reported it was 'borrowed' from the Australian version of the show.

It will see two new couples introduced halfway through, inevitably ramping up the drama between the original couples who will have left the honeymoon phase by then.

Some of the singletons hoping to be set up with the love of their live include a former Miss Great Britain, a Harry Potter fanatic, and a songwriter whose credits include work with Cheryl Crow.

The series will feature same-sex couples as well as heterosexual ones too.

The series looks explosive.

They will 'marry' each other in front of their friends and family before going on a honeymoon. They then move in together before ultimately deciding if they want to stay married.

There are 30 episodes in the season, and the hopeful couples will be matched by Paul Brunson, Melanie Schilling and Charlene Douglas.

Mel told The Sun: "We take the matchmaking process extremely seriously. It's so important to us that we find matches that are authentic and reflect the diversity of the society we live in."

However, it is worth noting that while the couple's weddings look traditional in every sense of the word, they are not legally binding.

One of the show's success stories, couple Matt and Dan, said of their experience: "It was such an amazing experience to be representing the LGBTQ+ community on a dating show with this sort of impact...

"We went in not knowing what to expect from the process, other than we’d be marrying a stranger. The experts truly worked their magic. We fell in love thanks to the process, and are still together now, happier than ever before!"

Married At First Sight UK airs on August 29 on E4 at 9:00pm.

Featured Image Credit: E4

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