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Luca's Sister Forced To Quit Social Media After Love Island Backlash

Luca's Sister Forced To Quit Social Media After Love Island Backlash

Claudia has been looking after Luca's accounts while he's in the villa.

Luca Bish's sister Claudia has stepped away from social media over the backlash directed at her little brother.

Claudia, 27, has been managing Luca's social media accounts while he's away in the Love Island villa. But after receiving an outpouring of criticism over his behaviour during the Movie Night challenge, viewers have been flooding his social media with nasty comments.

Luca's behaviour has been called out by fans on social media.

Addressing the trolling, Claudia has explained she is taking a break from managing her brother's profile, explaining she was 'not coping very well'.

When asked in a Q&A how her and her family were doing, Claudia responded: "If I'm being honest, not remotely OK. It's really hard.

"How would you feel if you were having people constantly praying for death for the people you love over more than anything in the world?

"We feel broken. I understand that people will always have their opinions, but if you saw HALF of the messages we have received then I'm sure anyone would feel disgusted."

Claudia has been looking after Luca's accounts.
Luca Bish/Instagram

Claudia went on to share some shocking messages from trolls, including one that said 'I hope [Luca] gets shot when he leaves the villa'.

She added: "I really wanted to do a fun Q&A today, but I'm going to have to take a little breather from it all as I'm not coping very well with seeing stuff like this.

"Thank you for the continued support for the ones showing love, you are all angels, but understandably I'll be logging off from managing the account for a little bit."

It comes after Claudia got into a bit of a debate with previous islander Amber Gill, who called Luca 'public enemy number one'.

Writing on Twitter last night, she said: "Luca's sister came on my live?? I don't why cos I'd say exactly the same regardless of anything. I'd say it to his face to [sic].

"It was really sad because after her comments on my live people started sending me death threats so it's just a vicious circle you can't control crazy people wanting to hate I understand she's upset and I hate that but all my tweets are comedy only.

"I gave his family no stick. She came onto my live when I wasn't even talking about love island.

"They shouldn't look at my tweets as it's all hyperbole that's my sense of humour I don't genuinely dislike anyone on the show and it's never that deep."

Claudia is taking some time out of managing the account.
Luca Bish/Instagram

The backlash towards Luca and fellow islander Dami came after allegations that Tasha was being 'bullied' on the show, during the Movie Night segment and also during the Snog, Marry, Pie game.

Tasha was left upset by the game, which saw her get pied by Dami because she usually 'gets away with a lot of stuff'. Meanwhile, Luca also pied Tasha, adding: "I could give you a list, but I'll let it go for today. It's just a game."

When Tasha appeared visibly upset at the end of the challenge, Luca and Dami simply said: "It’s just a game."

Afterwards, Tasha told Andrew: "It's the reasons after they gave, that was nasty. When they are going deep in and personal attack on me, it's a completely different story."

Both Luca and Dami apologised to Tasha for their behaviour afterwards.

Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2.

Featured Image Credit: ITV2/claudiaworks/TikTok

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