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Love Island Fans Baffled After Spotting Luca's 'Fish Shoes'

Love Island Fans Baffled After Spotting Luca's 'Fish Shoes'

Course he has fish shoes!

Love Island fans couldn't stop laughing during Wednesday's (8 June) episode, after Luca Bish was spotted wearing 'fish shoes' during a chat with Tasha Ghouri.

Luca, 23, who is a fishmonger from Brighton, had pulled Tasha for a chat, to see how she was feeling about him and Andrew.

But eagle-eyed viewers were more distracted by his fishy footwear.

People were loving Luca's fish shoes.

One person wrote on Twitter: "I know Luca loves his job but he’s taking it a step too far with his fish shoes."

While another said: "Sorry has nobody clocked that Luca is wearing FISH SHOES are u kidding me."

And a third added: "Luca Bish wearing fish shoes."

"Don't tell me Luca is wearing those rubber fish shoes love him," added a fourth.

And a fifth said: "Luca's FISH SHOES LOLLOLOL he’s hilarious."

Viewers were in hysterics over the fish shoes.

Luca had been chatting to Tasha about a conversation she had had with Andrew. Viewers were pretty shocked during Wednesday's ep, when Andrew fibbed about Tasha not being in Luca's 'top three'.

The drama occurred after Andrew told Tasha that he had been talking to Luca about his 'top three' girls in the villa. Tasha - who has an ongoing spark with Luca - immediately asked if she was one of them, to which Andrew replied 'no'.

Confused, Tasha spoke to Luca about the conversation, and Luca was pretty fuming with Andrew when he found out.

"No he didn't," said Luca in disbelief.

Luca is a fishmonger from Brighton.

"Andrew has wound me up a little bit though, I'd never cut another boy off, it's not my style."

Pulling Andrew for a chat later on, he added: "If you were my mate outside, I'd be f**king fuming. I understand you might have felt threatened, but for you to say 'you're not even in Luca's top three'.

"For Tasha she was actually upset, I feel like you should never f**k with a girl's emotions."

"I wasn't even thinking straight... it was an honest mistake," an apologetic Andrew said in response.

You can watch the moment below:

While there does seem to be a growing connection between Luca and Tasha, Luca also seems to have his sights set on Paige.

In an effort to point out their closeness, Luca remarked how the pair's ankles touched in bed the night before, and judging by his excitement it seems touching ankles might actually be one step on from footsie.

Luca proudly said in the beach hut after his convo with Paige: "We touched ankles last night. Hopefully we can get up to the knees tonight or even a cuddle if I’m lucky.”

Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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