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Love Island Fans Are Baffled By Luca Bish's 'Ankle' Comment

Love Island Fans Are Baffled By Luca Bish's 'Ankle' Comment

This is giving us major school vibes.

Love Island fans were left cringing on Wednesday night after Luca Bish's hilarious line about 'touching ankles'.

The fishmonger from Brighton decided to make a move on Paige with whom he his currently coupled up with.

After realising Tasha - who he is also interested in - has cracked on with Andrew, Luca pulled Paige for a chat about their sleeping habits from the night before.

It turns out Luca likes 'touching ankles'.

In an effort to point out their closeness, Luca remarked how the pair's ankles touched in bed and judging by his excitement it seems touching ankles might actually be one step on from footsie.

Luca proudly said in the beach hut after his convo with Paige: "We touched ankles last night. Hopefully we can get up to the knees tonight or even a cuddle if I’m lucky.”

One fan reaction with: "'We touched ankles' I'm done".

Another viewer shared a meme of Chloe Burrows from the 2021 series and said: "We touched ankles last night , we married now."

A third joked: "luca talking about him and paige touching ankles last night is giving when you would plan to hug your primary school boyfriend after school."

Murad Merali quipped: "'We touched ankles last night' is this Love Island Dubai?"

A love triangle appears to be brewing between Luca and Andrew over Tasha. Viewers will have to stay tuned to see how things between the trio unfold.

Luca and Paige have had an interesting Love Island journey so far. On Tuesday's episode (7 June) the Islanders had to guess each other's secrets.

One by one, they each approached the 'conveyor belt' where a tray of 'baggage' is waiting. Each tray contained clues relating to secrets belonging to different Islanders. For example, the clue in the first tray read: "This Islander once turned down a threesome because he didn't want to pay towards the hotel."

And when it was Luca's turn to read out one of the girls' baggage, he totally forgot something he had been told the day before.

"This girl's favourite sex position is the broken eagle," he said, before adding: "I don't have a scooby."

In the end, he chose Amber, but fans were fuming that Luca forgot Paige had actually told him this was her favourite sex position the day before.

We can't wait to see what happens with Luca and Paige. Ankles included.

Love Island airs weekdays at 9pm on ITV2.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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