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Love Island Fans Convinced Liam's Head Will Turn After This Confession

Love Island Fans Convinced Liam's Head Will Turn After This Confession

Liam Reardon made the cheeky confession in the beach hut after playing a game of dares with the new Casa Amor girls.

Monday's Love Island episode marked the return of Casa Amor and fans watched as the OG boys played a game of saucy dares with the new girls. Tonsils were tickled, toes were sucked and there was even a three-way kiss.

One of the boys engaged in the most action was Liam Reardon, 21, who is currently coupled up with Millie Court, 24. After fans gushed over their nicknames for each other last week, they felt convinced Liam's head would turn in Casa Amor, which could leave "Millie Moo" heartbroken.

Watch the video below:

During an interview in the beach hut, Liam reflected on the night's steamy events. “At the end of the day, I am a flirt and I do like flirting,” he confessed.

“I prefer flirting with Millie but then you know I may flirt with other people as well… but… you know…f***ing hell.”

Fans of the pair are convinced Liam’s head might be turned. “He snogged two girls last night, I dunno about you but I’d be fuminggg,” wrote one viewer on Twitter. 

Liam kissed new girls Salma and Clarisse for a dare (

A second Twitter user shared: “He’s not doing so well at the moment. He could have chosen to give them pecks and not snogged them.”

While a third fan quipped: “Liam’s head spinning like a beyblade.”

The jaw dropping three-way kiss between Liam and new girls Clarisse Juliettè, 23 and Salma Naran, 20 led to fans taking to Twitter in complete shock. 

Liam also got a lap dance from new girl Lillie (

One fan said: “Liam I trusted you :) a three way kiss?? nah.”

A second viewer tweeted: "That three way kiss was a little too long for my liking … i am watching you liam."

Liam also received a lap dance from new girl Lillie Haynes, 22, and snogged Amy Day, 25.

Love Island continues weeknights at 9pm on ITV 2 and ITV Hub.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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