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Love Island fans spot Tyrique looking fuming after Jess and Sammy win

Love Island fans spot Tyrique looking fuming after Jess and Sammy win

The Love Island couple had been the favourites to win, but came in third in a shock twist.

As Love Island comes to an end, many fans were shocked to see Jess Harding and Sammy Root win the ITV hit dating show.

It seems though that those watching at home weren’t the only ones surprised by the result, with former favourites Tyrique Hyde and Ella Thomas clearly unimpressed too.

Even more awkwardly, the couple seems unable to hid their true feelings with many fans noticing Tyrique annoyed face.

The couple were not impressed with the final result.

It’s understandable given that the semi-professional footballer missed out on a cash prize of £50,000 and came in third overall.

Heading with his beau Ella Thomas, the Love Island couple spoke to host Maya Jama about coming third and the 24-year-old was struggling to keep a poker face.

Many eagled-eyed viewers also noticed the awkward moment and shared their thoughts on social media, joking about how vexed he was.

Sharing a photo of the unimpressed castmate, one fan wrote: "This man is vexed" with another joking: “Oh they maaaaad.”

Others theorised about how the couple missed out on the top spot, with a third adding: "Ty is fuming, not even in the top 2 lmaooo." A fourth added: "I just know ty is fuming cuz he knows that argument is the reason they fumbled the 50k #loveisland".

Sammy and Jess were crowned the winners.

Sadly though, it was Jess and Sammy who were crowned the winners of this series.

Earlier in the show, the couple declared their love for each with Jess saying: “Knowing how much it takes for you to get strong feelings screams to me how serious and genuine our connection is."

However, things didn't start as romantic and they reflected on how Sammy struggled to fall at first.

He said: “It took some time at the beginning of my journey to realise what I was risking but when I saw you walking towards the fire pit on your own after Casa, I instantly knew that you were all that I wanted - my wandering eye turned into my eye for Jess."

If you've been following the antics on the show, you'll know that Jess stayed single until after Casa Amour, with Sammy bringing back Amber Wise to the villa. (Ouch!)

Despite their turbulent series thought, they managed to beat Whitney Adebayo and Lochan Nowacki - who'd been fan favourites throughout the ITV show.

Many fans aren't happy with the results though, with some even claiming that the show had been 'rigged'.

One even angrily wrote on social media: "He literally went round the villa screaming about how unattractive he finds her, they were bottom 3 multiple times and they won??? Nah this is the worst fix I've ever seen loooool.”

Maybe they'll be more impressed with the upcoming All Stars show?

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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