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Love Island Fans Are Hoping Luca Gets Dumped So Tasha Can Say Immortal Line To Him

Love Island Fans Are Hoping Luca Gets Dumped So Tasha Can Say Immortal Line To Him

Fans need Tasha to hit back at Luca.

Love Island fans are hoping that Gemma Owen might consider ditching Luca Bish and pairing up with Billy Brown during the next recoupling of the series, so that Tasha Ghouri can have her moment.

Over the last number of episodes, viewers have reluctantly watched 23-year-old fishmonger Luca pick on professional dancer Tasha over and over again, suggesting that she isn't sincere about her relationship with Andrew LePage

Things took a turn for the worse on Sunday night (17 July) when contestants finished movie night and got to see what their fellow Islanders had been getting up to in Casa Amor. Watch here:

While watching the film 'Luca Who's Talking', the girls were horrified to see how Luca had been egging on the other boys to kiss new girls during Casa Amor.

At one point, after Andrew sheepishly confessed that he had shared a kiss with bombshell Coco Lodge, Luca was seen jumping for joy before jokingly asking: "Tasha who?"

Standing by his bad behaviour, a riled up Luca repeated the line more than once during the awkward movie night screening, prompting some furious tweets from viewers at home.

But Luca changed his tune pretty quickly when another movie clip showed Gemma Owen chatting to Billy Brown.

Although nothing happened between the pair, a furious Luca was convinced that Gemma had been flirting behind his back and making him look like a 'mug'.

Fans want someone to step in and defend Tasha.

Gemma stuck to her guns, though, and managed to keep her cool while convincing Luca that nothing had been going on between her and Billy. She even used a game of Snog, Marry, Pie to make her feelings for both Billy and Luca as clear as she could.

Although it looks like things are happy-go-lucky for Gemma and Luca once again, fans are still hoping for Luca to get a taste of his own medicine.

During the next villa recoupling, fans are crossing their fingers in hope that Gemma might ditch Luca and decide to couple up with Billy, leaving Tasha with the perfect moment to use his own line against him.

"Let’s hope Gemma couples up with Billy so Tasha can be like 'Luca who'," wrote one viewer.

"Wishing Tasha shouted 'Luca who?'" added a second.

Would Gemma ever consider ditching Luca for Billy?
Love Island / ITV

Alternatively, other fans would accept the line from Billy on Tasha's behalf. One tweeted: "I need Billy to snog Gemma and say 'Luca who?'"

But most are just hoping that any islander will be brave enough to step up and take Luca down a peg or two.

Will Luca be able to make amends with Tasha and win back viewers' affections? Or could he be at risk from the latest public vote?

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVHub.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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