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Fans Are Obsessed With Indiyah's Reaction To Dami's Emotional Recoupling Speech

Fans Are Obsessed With Indiyah's Reaction To Dami's Emotional Recoupling Speech

Last night's episode saw the boys pick the girls in an emotional recoupling.

We are well into this year's season of Love Island and last night, the islanders very much made their feelings known.

But fans, in particular, have been left 'obsessed' with Indiyah's reaction to Dami's recoupling speech after the pair were torn apart by Casa Amor. Watch below:

While Dami might have meant well with his recoupling speech, if Indiyah's facial expressions were anything to go by, she hasn't forgiven him entirely for Casa Amor.

One fan wrote: "During that recoupling speech, Dami was chatting sh*t & even Indiyah clocked it with her facial expressions & by saying 'What??' He's the biggest game player."

"Nah, Indiyah's facial expressions will forever have me screaming," added a second, while a third agreed: "Indiyah's facial expressions shows that she [knows] Dami is chatting sh*t."

The speech came after Dami chose to couple up with new girl Summer in Casa Amor despite things seemingly going well with Indiyah in the main villa.

His apparently sincere decision to return to his original partner also didn't wash with fans.

"Dami saying it's always been Indiyah even when he was choosing Summer," wrote one viewer. "I don't understand men's logic…"

Dami is trying to make amends.
Love Island / ITV

However, while Dami and Indiyah's romance isn't exactly plain sailing at the moment, other couples in the villa appear to be going from strength to strength.

Namely, Luca and Gemma, who stayed loyal to each other during Casa Amor.

Last night's episode saw the fishmonger drop the L-bomb on the international dressage rider and Michael Owen's daughter, and luckily for him, she said I love you back.

Meanwhile, Tasha and Andrew made their romance official by becoming boyfriend and girlfriend, despite the pair's romance seemingly hitting some major roadblocks in Casa Amor.

New bombshell Adam also chose to couple up with Paige, who recently said goodbye to Jacques, who, despite their romance, decided to leave the island.

He made the decision after he concluded that he was unable to be his best self in the villa environment and promised to pick Paige up from the airport.

But fans couldn't help but joke that he might need to make room in his car for two more passengers after last night's episode.

If you're a newer Love Island fan, you might not know that Adam was originally on the 2018 season of the hit show, where he also caused absolute chaos.

At the time of writing, he is the first islander to ever return.

Love Island continues tonight on ITV2 at 9 pm.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Love Island

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