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Love Island Fans Can't Cope With Davide And Ekin-Su's 'Passionate' Kiss

Love Island Fans Can't Cope With Davide And Ekin-Su's 'Passionate' Kiss

The newly coupled up pair, both aged 27, shared a passionate smooth in last night’s episode of Love Island.

Things are heating up in the Love Island villa, and fans have been losing it over Davide and Ekin-Su’s passionate kiss. 

The newly coupled up pair, both aged 27, shared a passionate smooch in last night’s episode, 12 June, after discussing how they felt about their newly coupled up status. Watch here: 

Gushing over her new love interest, Ekin-Su said: “You’re literally the best-looking guy here.”

To which he replied: “Yeah, one of the things about me is that I like to be above the average.”

“I just wanna basically, like, give you a thank you,” she went on to suggest.

Davide replied ‘okay’.

“If that’s okay,” the actress said.

“Yeah, why not?” the businessman replied before they went in for the kiss that’s sent fans into overdrive on social media. 

Reacting to the kiss on Twitter, one fan made a meme with a scene from Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, writing: “Ekin-su & Davide’s kissing like.”

A second questioned: “WHY IS DAVIDE EATING EKIN-SU'S FACE HAHAHA [sic].”

Someone else made a meme of a man washing his eyes, writing: “the entire nation after watching davide and ekin-su kiss [sic].”

Another person questioned: “Why tf is davide eating ekin-su's face as if he hasn't eaten in 2 months [sic].” While someone else observed: “If Ekin-Su and Davide’s kiss was on Too Hot To Handle they would’ve lost 10 grand [sic].”

Another viewer commented: “Davide and Ekin-su’s kiss was soo hard to watch.”

Elsewhere, another Twitter user wrote: “ofcom complaints after that davide and ekin-su kiss are flying in [sic].”

Another added: “Someone tell ofcom to get this indecency of Ekin-Su and Davide off my screen [sic].”

One viewer remarked: “I’m complaining to Ofcom about Davide and Ekin-Su’s kiss cause that should’ve never been shown .”

Meanwhile, another declared: “Ekin-su and Davide are so equally unhinged that they actually suit??”

After the kiss, David said ‘good I can go to bed now’ when Ekin-Su asked him if he was happy. 

Davide also opened up about his new coupling in the beach house camera. He said: ​​"I'm really happy for this, I think I made the best decision I could make.

"She always tells me that deep inside I'm a really good guy and I appreciate that she notices this."

Meanwhile, Ekin-Su said: "I feel so happy, I just gave him another kiss, and another kiss led to a peck, and another one, and I was like oh my god, we need to stop."

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Love Island

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