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Love Island Fans Baffled At Gemma's Lack Of Eye Contact With Davide

Emma Guinness

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Love Island Fans Baffled At Gemma's Lack Of Eye Contact With Davide

Featured Image Credit: ITV

Love Island fans are all pointing out the same thing after Gemma Owen and Davide Sanclimenti's first date.

The pair have an eight-year age gap, which many viewers have criticised, but now the Islanders have been attracting social media attention for another reason.

Last night’s episode saw the pair head out for their date, and people were baffled by the lack of eye contact made between Gemma and the Italian business owner. 

This Morning presenter Richard Arnold even noticed and said: “In other news, Davide could do with getting in a lather with Gemma."

“They went on their first school trip together,” he continued, presumably referring to Gemma’s age. “It was a date, a little bit zesty. 


“The pair made lemonade discussing marriage and babies whilst Davide tried to get a bit of basic eye action from Gemma… without much luck.”

The show then played a clip from the date, which had amusingly been overlaid with the song ‘Look at Me’. 

The lack of eye contact was also a topic of conversation on Twitter, where the show has been consistently trending since its return.

Gemma and Davide went on their first date. Credit: ITV
Gemma and Davide went on their first date. Credit: ITV

One user wrote: “There is ZERO chemistry between Gemma and Davide. They didn’t even look at each other once on that date.”

A second added: “Wth even are Davide and Gemma. They don’t even look at each other when they talk.”

A third made a meme captioned: “Begging for Gemma and Davide to at least make eye contact.”

Another user, meanwhile, suggested that Gemma simply doesn't like her older beau. 

They wrote: “I get the impression Gemma is not actually happy being with Davide, she looks very uncomfortable and it is very awkward between them.”

Then there were those who saw the episode and couldn't help but continue to point out the age gap, with some speculating that Davide does not know Gemma is 19.

One made a meme with the caption: "The whole UK patiently waiting for Gemma to tell Davide her age."

A second speculated: "I’m guessing he’s now aware of her age and had chosen to ignore it."

A third wrote: "So you can talk about marriage and kids but not age??"

A fourth added: "I want her age to come up… why do I feel like she’s hiding it?"

A fifth joked: "Davide when he finds out Gemma’s age."

Regardless of your opinion on the couple's age gap, I think we can all agree that first dates can be awkward, and poor Gemma's actions reflected that.

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Emma Guinness
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