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Fans Are Obsessed With Danica's Reaction To Adam Collard Entering The Villa

Fans Are Obsessed With Danica's Reaction To Adam Collard Entering The Villa

Danica couldn't contain herself when she heard a new boy was entering the villa.

Last night's explosive episode of Love Island saw former contestant Adam Collard return as a bombshell to the villa after causing chaos in the 2018 season.

But while he might have famously gone from girl to girl back then, it looks like the 26-year-old has still got it, and fans have lost it over Danica's reaction the arrival of a new boy. Watch Adam's ex's reaction to his return below:

The islander, who hasn't had much luck in the villa so far, was so excited by the news of a new man that she did a cartwheel as the 6'5 jacked personal trainer entered the villa.

Danica's cartwheel of excitement.
ITV / Love Island

This didn't go unnoticed on social media, and fans were quick to weigh in on her ecstatic reaction.

"Danica did a cartwheel over a new man? Father God," wrote one viewer.

"Sorry but Danica doing a cartwheel is the most Danica thing she could've done," reacted a second alongside a laughing emoji.


"Danica's cartwheel is right up there with moments I will absolutely never ever forgot along with Ekin Su singing the spongebob theme song [sic]," added a fourth fan.

However, this viewer felt like she was celebrating too soon, writing: "Danica doing a cartwheel as if she isn't going to get rejected again."

Another added: "For everyone confused as to why Danica is getting nowhere, that cartwheel is why."

Adam Collard promised prior to his second stint on the show that he is 'going to ruffle a few feathers when I go in', and it looks like this will happen now he's set his sights on both Paige and Gemma.

The girls are currently coupled up in relationships that are seemingly going well, although Paige admitted to the 26-year-old that she only recently let Jacques out of the doghouse after his Casa Amor antics.

Paige seemed very taken with Adam.
ITV / Love Island

In a first look, Paige agreed with Ekin-Su's joke that after meeting Adam, Jacques is now 'out the window'.

Selling himself to the paramedic on last night's episode, Adam, who is the first person to ever appear on the show twice, said: "Coming off the back of this, everyone's going to get attention. Everyone's going to get loads of attention, but I've kind of been there and done it."

Paige replied: "You know how to handle it" before saying: "I'm not ready to like train somebody else up to be a boyfriend, like, you're either boyfriend material or you're not!"

Love Island continues tonight on ITV2 at 9 pm.

Featured Image Credit: ITV / Love Island

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