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Love Island Fans In Stitches After Davide Mistakes Celibacy For A Location

Love Island Fans In Stitches After Davide Mistakes Celibacy For A Location

Anyone ever been to celibate?

Love Island fans couldn't contain themselves on Monday night when Davide Sanclimenti was taught what the word 'celibate' means.

The OG islander was flirting up a storm with new girl Coco Lodge when he was told the unusual reason why her past relationship ended.

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Coco is one of six sexy new bombshells to join the villa after the original girls ventured off to Casa Amor, and was quick to make her mark on the boys.

The 27-year-old graphic designer from Surrey explained to Davide that her most recent relationship came to an end because her partner 'went celibate'.

Confused by the term, Davide, 27, innocently asked Coco: "He went where?"

When Coco repeated herself, Davide still appeared confused, asking her: "Where is that?"

Grinning, Coco then clarified: "He wouldn't have sex."

Davide was unfamiliar was celibacy.

Finally understanding what the bombshell meant, Davide jokingly reassured her that she wouldn't have to worry about that with him.

Amused fans took to Twitter to discuss Davide's mix-up, raving that the Italian islander was one of the funniest in the villa.

"The girl said ‘celibate’ & Davide said ‘where’s that?’ LMAO STOP i love him" wrote one viewer.

"‘He went celibate’ ‘Where? Where’s that?’ THIS MAN IS SO EFFORTLESSLY FUNNY, AND FOR WHAT" asked a second.

"Davide might unintentionally be the funniest character we’ve ever had on this program" added a third.

"Davide about to book his next holiday to Celibate" joked a fourth.

Despite the confusion, Davide managed to make a smooth recovery and went in for a kiss with Coco by the fire pit.

However, it looks like there may be some competition for Coco among the boys, after Andrew Le Page also expressed some interest in the bombshell.

Andrew also shared a kiss with Coco.

Feeling rather 'mugged off' after hearing that his partner Tasha Ghouri might not be as into him as he thinks, Andrew decided to get serious about the new girls in the villa.

Inviting Coco up to the terrace, Andrew admitted his feelings for her and it wasn't long before the pair were locking lips.

Speaking in the Beach Hut later, Coco told cameras: "My evening has been extremely interesting. I actually like both Davide and Andrew for different reasons, so I’m not sure yet."

But the Surrey stunner wound up in Andrew's bed last night, and even got a little bit frisky with him under the covers.

Will Andrew couple up with the new girl, or will he stay faithful to Tasha?

Love Island continues tonight on ITV2 and ITVHub.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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