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Love Island: People Are In Hysterics After Spotting Casa Amor Boys' Reaction To Sneaky Postcard

Love Island: People Are In Hysterics After Spotting Casa Amor Boys' Reaction To Sneaky Postcard

After the Casa Amor postcard landed in the main villa causing shockwaves among the OG girls, the new boys couldn't hide their delight.

Shockwaves rippled through the Love Island villa when the OG girls received a sneaky postcard from Casa Amor exposing all the scandalous events from the last few days.

While the girls were furious, including Faye, Kaz and Millie, the new bombshell guys were delighted knowing that they now had a chance to make a move and possibly couple up with one of the heartbroken girls.

Watch their reaction below:

As the girls analysed each picture, horrified by the boy's shenanigans, the new boys remained quiet.

During a chat with the boys after the postcard’s arrival, Matthew said: “I feel bad for them in a way, in a way I do.”

However maintenance engineer Sam disagreed, responding: “I don’t."

Sam said he and the guys are 'buzzin' (

Later in the beach hut Sam said: “We’re all absolutely buzzing and I’m happy for the lads as well because you can see everyone just, even today, starting to come out their shells and the girls are gutted but we’re up and down buzzing’ for it now.”

Love Island fans chuckled at Sam's reaction. One viewer said: "I loved Sam and Dale’s reaction. And how none of the boys were surprised. They were probably thinking where is the incriminating evidence of Jake."

The postcard showed the OG boys cracking on with the Casa Amor girls (

A second Twitter user joked: 'Sam's little villain smile while the girls' romantic lives are imploding."

Another viewer quipped: "Sam is so happy about the post card."

And a fourth shared: "That Sam guy was very happy to see the heartbreak so that he can start applying pressure loooool. The guy is something else."

Love Island fans are raging after spotting a hidden detail on the Casa Amor postcard which sent the girls spiralling.

One photo showed Teddy kissing Casa Amor bombshell Clarisse, leaving Faye distraught back in the main villa.

Viewers are now hoping Faye realises Teddy is innocent and even joined Jake in the daybed outdoors instead of sleeping in the bedroom with one of the new girls.

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