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Love Island: Liberty's Reaction To Casa Amor Postcard Is Everything

Love Island: Liberty's Reaction To Casa Amor Postcard Is Everything

The drama is about to go sky high.

Love Island has been drama heavy the past couple of nights since Casa Amor was reintroduced.

With the OG Islanders separated between the main villa and Casa Amor, there has been a definite divide in the general behaviour of the girls and boys.

Here's a sneak peek of when the girls find the postcard:

But in Love Island’s past couple of seasons, they haven’t included the added drama-infused twist: the Love Island Postcard.

But it’s back and it’s sure to not disappoint.

The girls will be receiving their postcard tonight with Chloe finding the dreaded mail delivery from Casa.

The girls seeming happy before the ultimate Love Island comeback (
The postcard includes the message “wish you were!” with a selection of pictures from the boys’ time at Casa Amor. 

The girls at the Villa will definitely be analysing every detail of the pictures, looking to see what they’ve been up to on their lads’ holiday.

And it seems as though the girls are absolutely fuming with the ultimate reaction coming from Liberty.

As Liberty sees what's on the postcard, her response is to throw the postcard in the swimming pool in a rage.

Liberty throws the postcard into the swimming pool - what did she find on it? (

But we need to know what is on that postcard! Are the girls still going to trust that the boys will remain loyal?

Will the Villa girls be heartbroken when they find out how the Casa boys have actually been coping with the “ultimate test”?

Or will this push them to give the new Villa boys a chance and let their heads be turned?

Fans are so excited to see the drama unfold from the Casa Amor Postcard (

Fans are excited to see the return of the postcards though.

One viewer tweeted: “OMG THEY BROUGHT BACK POSTCARD this is gonna be so good #loveisland”.

Another person wrote: “BRINGING BACK POSTCARD WAS THE BEST THING EVER #loveisland”.

Fans have found it painful watching the girls be oblivious to what the boys have been up to (

One thing is for sure though.

The boys may have been moving mad, but we get the feeling they don’t know the meaning of mad until they are reunited with the Villa girls.

Featured Image Credit: ITV2

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