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Love Is Blind star SK finally addresses claims he cheated on fiancée Raven

Love Is Blind star SK finally addresses claims he cheated on fiancée Raven

The pair broke up on the season finale of the Netflix show

Love is Blind star Sikiru 'SK' Alagbada has finally addressed claims he cheated on fiancée Raven Ross.

The premise for the Netflix show follows a group of singles who must decide if they want to propose to someone they've never physically seen.

For 10 days, the men and women date each other in hidden 'pods' where they can talk to each other through a speaker - but without seeing one another.

The TV couple, who previously broke up on the season finale of the Netflix show, split up for the second time three months ago.

After their first split in July 2021, their rekindled romance in spring 2022 did not last long amid cheating allegations.

SK has since denied physically cheating on the pilates instructor in a new interview with People.

The 34-year-old said he merely had 'an inappropriate conversation' with the woman involved.

However, he still called the whole thing 'completely inappropriate'.


"I'm not here to really pick and choose what, or go back and forth about who did what," he said.

"We all make mistakes. That's something I deeply want to apologise for and take accountability for.

"I'm saying this not to make excuses for my actions because the most honourable thing to do at that point would've been to end the relationship if I felt like we weren't both in it.

"But I did also see that we were both trying to put in deliberate efforts to make things work between us.

"It's just important for me to let people know that this was not a case of a happy, problem-free relationship that I just messed up for no reason."


Despite the break-up, SK says he has 'no regrets'.

"While I honestly really believe that Raven and I did take intentional effort into building something serious that just turned out to be unsuccessful, I have no regrets," he explained.

"I wish her well in however she chooses to decide to continue to live her life.

"I think this was a very, very difficult experience for both of us. And people tend to deal with things differently.

"So I have nothing but well wishes for her and I wish her all the best."

Raven also told E! News earlier this month: "We did communicate after, but that wasn't serving me.

"So since then, we've drawn some boundaries and we haven't communicated in a while."

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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