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Love Actually Fans Still Aren't Happy About That 'Portuguese Kissing' Scene Almost 20 Years Later

Love Actually Fans Still Aren't Happy About That 'Portuguese Kissing' Scene Almost 20 Years Later

Portuguese fans were not impressed.

It's been almost 20 years since Love Actually was released - but fans are still unhappy about one scene in particular.

Portuguese viewers are outraged over a scene towards the end of the movie, when Jamie (played by Colin Firth) travels to Marseille to propose to Aurelia.

Of course, she says yes and the pair can be seen sharing a kiss on the lips, before her family - who are all overjoyed - also proceed to kiss Jamie on the lips. It's this particular part of the scene that horrifies some Portuguese viewers.

According to a blog titled, Language And All That, this would never happen.

Aurelia accepts Jamie's proposal (

"This is the moment when most Portuguese movie-goers stopped eating popcorn and opened their mouths — not to kiss anyone but in utter disbelief," the post reads.

"Let’s get this straight: apart from some booze-induced crazyness, there is no way a Portuguese will matter-of-factly kiss a stranger in the mouth, even if the stranger is a world-famous actor who just proposed to your daughter."

Meanwhile, Portugese native Ella, 23, tells Tyla it's an 'inaccurate representation', adding: "Depending on where you’re from in Portugal you give one or two kisses on the cheek (but not on the mouth) to everyone in the room you’re entering in a gathering. So that was unrealistic in Love Actually."

Portuguese fans were not impressed (
Universal Pictures)

Over on Twitter, fans are even more outraged, with one writing: "Among other things, Love Actually stereotypes Portuguese people. And still manages to get it wrong (those kisses are definitely not a thing)."

While another said: "Ok, so Love Actually was on the telly and I'm a Portuguese dating an Englishman. And my family doesn't kiss him on the lips just saying."

And a third added: "Thanks to Love Actually people have asked me if Portuguese people kiss someone on the lips when we welcome him/her into the family. We don’t. I think no one in Portugal understood that scene."

Back in December, another viewer added: "Since it's almost Christmas and a lot of people are watching Love Actually: Portuguese men don't kiss their future sons-in-law on the lips."


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