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Louis Theroux: Forbidden America Fans Are Loving Louis' 'Incredible’ Reaction To Guest Throwing A 'Hissy Fit'

Louis Theroux: Forbidden America Fans Are Loving Louis' 'Incredible’ Reaction To Guest Throwing A 'Hissy Fit'

“When did you lose your sense of humour?”

Louis Theroux came back with a bang last night with his brand new documentary series, Forbidden America.

And in typical Theroux fashion, the first episode of the series, titled Extreme And Online, sees Louis tackle the American far right, with an interview with internet comedian and troll, Beardson Beardly, not quite going to plan.

You can watch the video below.

Viewers at home were left amused at how Louis dealt with the situation, with many taking to Twitter to praise his response.

“Wow, that thin skinned little 'Nazi' troll getting triggered by Louis Theroux holding him to account all while wearing a Louis t shirt is incredible. What an absolute idiot,” wrote one fan.

“’I’m cooler than you’ says the man to @louistheroux whilst wearing a tee shirt covered in pictures of his face,” laughed a second.

“Man brought a Louis Theroux shirt to throw a hissy fit. Can't take these children seriously #forbiddenamerica,” a third said.

Fans were quick to praise Louis (

“Ha ha thin skinned troll…… He still has your t shirt on during his rant #louistheroux,” chuckled a fourth.

Louis himself has spoken out at how bizarre he found the situation.

Speaking to Tyla and other press ahead of the series launch, Louis explained: “When I saw him wearing the t-shirt, I was amused.

“In my mind, I thought it could have been something a little more off-putting or weird, but it was just a T-shirt. The weird part was then being thrown out by someone who was wearing a T-shirt of me.

Fans said the troll threw a 'hissy fit' (

“Suddenly I’m being thrown out by a guy wearing my T-shirt. It was surreal and a little bit sad in a way.”

Having been thrown out of around 15 interviews during his tenure as a journalist, Louis added that he wished he’d stood his ground a little more when talking with Beardson.

“Maybe I should have said, ‘why don’t you make me?’ because he was quite small,” he joked. “I’ve been doing a lot of Joe Wicks since the beginning of lockdown… he was a weeny little guy who spent his time on the computer gaming.

“There aren’t many people of whom it could be said that I could comfortably handle in a physical altercation, but I think Beardson could be one of the few.”

Forbidden America continues Sundays at 9pm on BBC Two.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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