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People are saying Lord Voldemort is ‘Gordon Ramsay on steroids’ in the 'most interesting movie ever made'

People are saying Lord Voldemort is ‘Gordon Ramsay on steroids’ in the 'most interesting movie ever made'

Harry Potter fans couldn't help but make the comparison.

When it comes to celebrity chefs, it's safe to say that the foul-mouthed Gordon Ramsay is pretty much in a league of his own.

Now, a new film starring Ralph Fiennes - AKA Lord Voldemort - is being praised for featuring a version of the chef who is like the Hell's Kitchen star 'on steroids'.

Aptly dubbed The Menu, the film was released on 18 November, and it's already got a Rotten Tomatoes audience score of 78% - so this is definitely not a flick to miss.

The film's official synopsis reads: "A young couple travels to a remote island to eat at an exclusive restaurant where the chef has prepared a lavish menu, with some shocking surprises."

As well as starring Fiennes, the film also features Anya Taylor-Joy of the The Queen's Gambit and X-Men star Nicholas Hoult as the young couple.

All three have had their performances praised by viewers on social media – but for Harry Potter fans, Fiennes was a stand-out as the chef.

Reacting to the film on Twitter, one viewer joked: "The Menu is what would've happened if Voldemort became a chef instead… oh wait."

Can you imagine Lord Voldemort as a chef?
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A second remarked: "Watching The Menu and all I see is VOLDEMORT. I cannot unsee."

"[My date] took me to see The Menu and I honestly enjoyed it, took a leap and asked 'Chef is Voldemort, right?' very nerdy risk," wrote a third. "Didn't make me feel nerdy. 6/5 stars. Can't wait for our second date."

A fourth declared: "Lord Voldemort is Gordon Ramsey on steroids. Just kidding, this film was very entertaining. Great acting and thought-out plot. Stressful but is broken up with some good laughs. Don't watch while hungry. I made this mistake. 8.5/10."

The film's director also seemed to think Fiennes was the best man for the role, and said he'd 'dreamt' of him stepping into the chef's shoes.

Meanwhile Fiennes, 59, revealed that he did take inspiration from a real-life chef for the role, but bizarrely, it wasn't Ramsay.

He told Variety that to prepare for the film, he was given the chance to observe Dominique Crenn, a three-star Michelin chef.

"She gave me a lot of tips on how you behave, how you move, how you talk to people. The shorthand of communication in that level of kitchen.

"So that was great, and also an excuse to try cooking at home, but don't ask me to chop an onion."

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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