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Kourtney Kardashian's Daughter Penelope Cries And Hangs Up After Hearing About Engagement

Kourtney Kardashian's Daughter Penelope Cries And Hangs Up After Hearing About Engagement

This broke our hearts.

Kourtney Kardashian and her children had viewers in tears in the latest episode of The Kardashians, when she called them to share the exciting news of her surprise engagement to Travis Barker.

The romantic affair was organised by Travis, with the help of Kris Jenner, who worked tirelessly to keep it a secret from Kourtney.

While most of Kourt's loved ones were present for the big surprise, the eldest Kardashian sister had to FaceTime her children Mason, 12, Penelope, nine, and Reign, seven, to tell them the news. Watch here:

Viewers' hearts broke alongside Kourtney's when her daughter Penelope immediately burst into tears after hearing the news, telling her mum to "hang up" the phone.

While it's already been made clear that Kourtney's children have a great relationship with Travis, the mum-of-three suggested that Penelope might have been less tearful had she been invited to the special occasion with the rest of her loved ones.

She told cameras: "I do wish that my kids were here. I think it would have made them feel more included in the decision and, like, part of the surprise... I know that my mom made that decision and it probably wasn't her best."

Fans were inclined to agree, taking to Twitter to discuss the emotional phone call.

Kourtney FaceTimed her children to tell them the news. (
Hulu/Disney Plus)

"Kris & the sisters definitely should have invited Kourtney's kids to her engagement," one viewer tweeted. "Hearing Penelope cry because your mom had to tell her on FaceTime is so heartbreaking. They definitely should've been invited so they felt included and not like outcasts #TheKardashians".

"Kind of sad Kourtney's kids weren’t there with every one else. They aren’t too young to see their mom happiness and be apart of it", wrote a second.

"Sending love to Penelope and Mason Disick #TheKardashians," penned a third.


"Awful decision on Kris’ part to not have Kourtney’s kids at the proposal. Penelope sobbing on FaceTime broke my heart! #TheKardashians", a fourth devastated fan commented.

Kourtney admitted it would have been better if her children had been invited. (
Hulu/Disney Plus)

Some fans even confessed that the scene left them in tears, too.

"Hearing Penelope cry broke my heart #TheKardashians" read one tweet.


"Why did penelope just make me cry? #TheKardashians" asked another.

Elsewhere in the episode, the father of Kourtney's children Scott Disick confirmed that Mason, Penelope, and Reign were "upset" that they weren't invited, adding that he hopes they're at least invited to the wedding.

You can watch the latest episode of The Kardashians on Disney Plus in the UK or on Hulu in the US.

Featured Image Credit: Hulu/Disney+/TikTok

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