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Keep Breathing fans 'deeply unsatisfied and angry' at series ending

Keep Breathing fans 'deeply unsatisfied and angry' at series ending

People were not impressed.


We were glued to Keep Breathing, Netflix's recent drama series about a woman who becomes trapped on a deserted island.

But after bingeing their way through six episodes, some viewers were left disappointed by the ending.

Keep Breathing tells the story of Liv (Melissa Barrera), a New York lawyer who boards a private plane with two strangers, after her flight is cancelled.

The plane ends up crashing in the remote Canadian frontier and while one of the men make it out of the wreckage with Liv, he later dies from his injuries.

Liv is left all alone in the unforgiving wilderness, as she battles the elements and overcomes her own personal demons to survive.

Along the way, through a series of flashbacks, viewers learn that Liv is pregnant, having had a romance with one of her colleagues at work.

She also looks back on father's death, and her relationship with her mother, who left when she was a child.

The plane Liv is travelling in crashes.

Throughout, viewers are rooting for Liv as she tries to escape the deserted spot. And after getting to know the other characters in her life, many were desperate for answers.

Does Liv's baby survive? Does she reunite with her mother? And what about her relationship with Danny?

So when the ending finally arrived, some were disappointed after claiming some of the loose ends were not tied up, with one saying they were 'deeply unsatisfied and angry' at how it ended.

Another person wrote: "I do not like cliffhangers, the ending of “keep breathing” pi**ed me off."

While one said: "Keep Breathing on Netflix is fire but such a terrible ending. There better be a second season. I got questions."

And a third added: "Keep breathing on Netflix… was all that and we didn’t get a good ending foh."

Some viewers were left disappointed with the ending.

Speaking about the controversial ending, co-creator and showrunner Martin Gero told International Affairs that he 'loves a little ambiguity'.

"I love something that’s left for people to fight over, so that it’s not all sewn up with a ribbon at the end, and there’s nothing left to talk about. The fact that people have any kind of debate about it is, I think, fantastic. And it means you bring yourself. You meet the show, as opposed to just having it delivered to you," he said.

"We see her wake up. So, in the moment that we see her imagined future in the river, we think of it as this yearning for what could have been were she not to drown in this river.

"And then, in the moment where her eyes open on the beach and she coughs up that water and digs that big, deep gasp in —which we knew very early on was going to be the last shot of the show — suddenly you get to rethink everything you saw. And all of a sudden now, it’s allowed to not be necessarily an imagined future, but a true flashforward to what happened."

You can watch Keep Breathing on Netflix now.

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