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People praise 'hero' nurse after watching terrifying new Netflix documentary on America's worst serial killer

People praise 'hero' nurse after watching terrifying new Netflix documentary on America's worst serial killer

The heroic nurse went above and beyond to help catch the killer

Viewers have praised ‘real hero’ nurse Amy Loughren after watching Netflix documentary Capturing the Killer Nurse - you can check out the trailer here:

The documentary centres on serial killer Charles Cullen, who worked as a nurse in the ICU where he killed dozens of patients.

His friend and colleague Loughren came to the grim realisation that Cullen might be killing patients and was pivotal in getting him caught.

Loughren went above and beyond to secure justice for the victims - helping police with their investigation by wearing a wire to record their conversations and eventually talking her former friend into confessing.

After watching the documentary viewers have praised Loughren who risked her own life to ensure Cullen was caught.

Amy Loughren.

Posting on Twitter, one person said: “Amy Loughren is a real hero, risking her profession, health and life to help catch a serial killer.”

Another wrote: “It's hard to be the one person to stand up and do what's right especially as a woman.”

Someone else commented: “Amy Loughren is a great example of how brave a woman can be.”

While a fourth said: “Now I'm watching Capturing the Killer Nurse. Total of victims 400 but only sentenced for 29 deaths. Worked at nine hospitals, they didn't stop him until he met Amy. She the heroine in this story.”

What makes Loughren’s actions all the more remarkable is that as well as working full-time and looking after two children, she also needed a heart transplant.

Jessica Chastain plays Amy Loughren.

The shocking story was recently turned into a Netflix movie The Good Nurse, with Jessica Chastain playing Loughren, alongside Eddie Redmayne as Cullen.

Praising the real-life Loughren, Chastain told Sky News: "All the things that she was juggling at the time - you know, being a single mother to two girls, not having health insurance, working on a night shift so you're not really getting proper sleep, and also at the same time she needed a heart transplant.

"That's what we walk in with at the beginning of this film and then realise, I mean, without giving any spoilers away, what she then stumbles into is quite shocking."

The Good Nurse stars Eddie Redmayne and Jessica Chastain alongside Amy Loughren.
Rich Gold / Alamy Stock Photo

Talking about seeing herself portrayed on screen, Loughren added: "The thing that they don't show in the film was that I was actually much more sick and I was terrified, truly terrified of leaving my two girls behind.

"And I was also directing a play at that time - I was directing my daughter's sixth-grade play. I was exhausted and I still showed up.

"Watching Jessica play me, I allowed myself to feel proud of myself for showing up."

The Good Nurse and Capturing the Killer Nurse are both streaming on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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