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Kate Garraway Flooded With Support After Making 'Emotional' Decision For Derek

Kate Garraway Flooded With Support After Making 'Emotional' Decision For Derek

The GMB host and her husband were left devastated by COVID in 2020.

Kate Garraway has shared a new update on her family's ongoing experience with severe Long Covid.

Her husband, former political lobbyist Derek Draper, has been living with the devastating effects of the virus since March 2020. The Good Morning Britain host has been regularly updating fans and well-wishers with his progress.

She was flooded with praise and critical acclaim for her intimate documentary on Derek's situation, which aired on ITV early 2021.

Back in September, Kate revealed in an interview with The Telegraph that her husband required round-the-clock care from medical professionals. "The doctors believe that there will be a trajectory", she said. "But that it'll be very slow. Derek will sleep for 20 hours a day, for example".

The journalist and presenter posted her latest update on Instagram, with emotional fans showing a mass of support.

In the statement, she said that Derek's workspace had been packed up and put into storage.

Kate posted the 'emotional' update to her Instagram. [

"One of the things have [sic] been tackling is packing up Derek's therapy rooms & office", she said.

The star confessed she'd been "dragging her feet" for a while, because she "knew it would be so emotional & because didn't want to seem to be giving up hope of him returning to the work he loves one day".

According to Kate, his office building had been "put up for sale", which meant that it was necessary for them move the furniture out anyway. "We had to clear out - fate!" she said.

Kate would 'give anything' to hear Derek being 'loud and shouty' again. [

The move included "packing up all his files, his cuttings, books and furniture he's treasured for decades".

Kate then gave a shout-out to the "lads" who helped her move, stating the post wasn't an "ad", but a "hearty recommendation".

She ended the message by saying "will definitely be calling you when Derek is setting up his new venture", followed by three fingers-crossed emojis.

Derek currently requires round-the-clock care. [

Kate previously gave an emotional statement to The Telegraph during the Derek interview, after they asked her what she misses most about him.

"The way he would sing so loudly in the mornings - and was generally just so loud!"

She continued, "I would give everything I own to hear him being really loud and shouty and full of opinions, ruffling feathers in the way that he used to".

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