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Gogglebox Hit With Over 100 Ofcom Complaints

Gogglebox Hit With Over 100 Ofcom Complaints

Gogglebox has been hit with a number of Ofcom complaints from viewers after showing bizarre sex act between a woman and a duck

Gogglebox has been hit with a number of Ofcom complaints after the Channel 4 series showed a bizarre sex act between a woman and duck.

Both the Googlebox cast, and viewers watching at home, were shocked by the scene from the Apple+ TV show Roar.

Watch the video here:

Since showing the scene, Ofcom has received 149 complaints.

Roar is an anthology series based on short stories of Cecelia Ahern. The episode in question told the story of “The Woman Who Was Fed By a Duck".

The episode follows the story of a lonely woman who befriends a duck in a park.

She takes him home for a bath before both species engage in an act of cunnilingus.

The scene horrified the Gogglebox cast and viewers at home (
Channel 4/Apple TV+)

Fan favourite Giles turned to his wife Mary to question the mechanics of the scene, saying: “The duck can't physically…” before Mary quipped: “Well he can, he can use his beak….”

Some viewers took to Twitter to discuss their shock and outrage, with one user writing: "Did anyone else just see the most disgusting scene on Gogglebox? Why would anyone portray beastiality as okay, never mind on TV [sick emoji]"

"#Gogglebox should not be promoting shows that are basically insinuating bestiality. That was absolutely disgusting and wasn’t in the slightest bit funny." Added a second.


While many were posting in disgust others were quick to point out the hidden meaning in the episode - replace U with I and you'll get a very different word.

One user took to Twitter pointing out the hidden meaning in the story: "I've only just found out what it meant. Living & sleeping with a duck is funny until you realise you need to substitute the I for U. Larry is a monster, & unfortunately,almost every woman has dated one at some point. He's actually her vile human fella"

The bizarre scene as led to over 100 Ofcom complaints (
Channel 4/Apple TV+)

Others suggested that while this may be symbolism it still shouldn't have been shown, writing: "But how does that make it ok? It doesn't change the fact that millions on people including young children saw DUCK (not a abusive partner) FCKUK woman!? Trust me there is million other ways to bring awareness on this topic."

"To be honest I was expecting a beauty and the beast moment when she turned around and a lovely chap sat there ..." Added another.

You can watch Gogglebox on Channel 4 at 9pm Fridays.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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