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SATC Star Evan Handler Starred In Friends And No One Noticed

SATC Star Evan Handler Starred In Friends And No One Noticed

How did we never realise this?

Sex and The City star Evan Handler - who plays Charlotte's husband, Harry in the show - once appeared in Friends, and we can't believe we never noticed.

Evan, now 61, appeared in one episode of the sitcom as a filming director. His cameo came in 'The One Where Rachel Goes Back to Work' where Phoebe is working as an extra on Joey's show, Days of Our Lives.

You can watch a clip below:

Avid fans will remember that Phoebe played a nurse who had to carry a tray across an operating theatre, to hand over to the surgeon.

But she struggled due to her nerves, and the tray wouldn't stop shaking - much to everyone's frustration. As a result, the director - aka Evan - had to restart the scene numerous times.

Evan also appears in a later scene in which Phoebe was playing a waitress. But her career as an extra came to an end when Phoebe couldn't get her head around how she could play one part one day, and a separate role the next.

People couldn't believe they never realised (

And fans can't believe they never realised, with one tweeting: "Harry from SATC plays Joey's director in Friends. #mindblown."

While another said: "HARRY in #friends!!!!!!!! #satc."

And a third added: "SATC Harry is on friends ... Just noticed!!"

"Didn't realise Harry from SATC was in Friends!!" Said a fourth

While a fifth added: "OMG, Evan Handler/Harry Goldenblatt was on Friends!

"Harry Goldenblatt is in friends as Joey's director. He's just exactly the same as when in SATC," wrote another.

Evan plays Charlotte's husband Harry in SATC (

Friends has featured a number of famous faces over the years, including Elaine Hendrix, known for her role as Meredith Blake from the 1998 remake of The Parent Trap.

In season nine, episode three titled, "The One with the Paediatrician", Elaine Hendrix plays the role of Sally - a woman who Ross, David Schwimmer, meets in the waiting room of a paediatrician's office.

You can read more on that here.

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