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The Parent Trap's Meredith Blake Was In Friends And No One Noticed

The Parent Trap's Meredith Blake Was In Friends And No One Noticed

How did we miss this.

Isobel Pankhurst

Isobel Pankhurst

Friends. We all know it, grew up with it and seem to all be able to recite whole episodes-worth of quotes from the hit sitcom.

From Monica's "I know!" to Ross' "Pivot!" and his inevitable catchphrase, "We were on a break!"

But, it's inevitable that some things may have slipped our attention on the first (or tenth) time around watching.

Elaine Hendrix is widely known for her role in The Parent Trap. (

Elaine Hendrix, known for her role as Meredith Blake from the 1998 remake of The Parent Trap starring a baby-faced Lindsay Lohan, actually briefly appeared in Friends and no one seems to have noticed.

In Season nine, Episode three titled, "The One with the Pediatrician", Elaine Hendrix plays the role of Sally - a woman who Ross, David Schwimmer, meets in the waiting room of a pediatrician's office.

She makes the assumption that Ross is at the children's doctor with his child and the two have a fleeting conversation about the ups and downs of being a single parent upon seeing a no wedding ring on his finger.

Little does she know though, Ross isn't at Dr Gettleman's office for his child at all - he's there for himself.

Elaine Hendrix guest starred in Friends. (
Warner Bros.)

Upon getting his name called out by the nurse, Ross panics and grabs the first child he can see in an effort to get himself out of an embarrassing situation saying, "Come on, Ross Jr. It's time to go in."

In typical Friends fashion, Ross ends up getting himself in even more of a predicament as the boy turns out to be Sally's son leaving her utterly confused and unsure of what has just happened.

A few hawk-eyed watchers seemed to have also clocked on to Elaine's appearance in the episode.

One Twitter user wrote, "I've seen friends too many times to count and just realized the woman Ross hits on in the pediatrician's office in season 9 is Meredith Blake from The Parent Trap."

Elaine Hendrix starred alongside Lindsay Lohan in The Parent Trap. (

"So I just realised that Meredith Blake of Parent Trap is in an episode of Friends," tweeted another fan.

Another seemed to not be able to let go of Meredith Blake's antagonist character on The Parent Trap and clearly hasn't yet forgiven her for scheming to marry Nick Parker purely for his wealth tweeting, "Sally from friends is Meredith Blake from parent trap. I feel uncomfortable about this."

Elaine Hendrix's transformation from childhood villain as Meredith Blake to a bewildered, but nonetheless sweet, girl next door character on Friends is truly a testament to the shape-shifting power of acting.

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