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Friends Fans Are Seriously Confused Over Ross's Birthday Scene

Friends Fans Are Seriously Confused Over Ross's Birthday Scene

Fans are wondering why Ross has two birthdays...

Friends fans are confused over Ross' birthday after spotting a blunder in three of the episodes.

Taking to Reddit, one viewer explained how they noticed Ross' birthday seems to change between different seasons.

You can watch a clip below:

Explaining they had been watching season one, the fan wrote: "I'm watching Episode Four of Season One, 'The One With George Stephanopoulos', and early in the episode Joey and Chandler invite Ross to a hockey game, claiming it's for his birthday.

"Ross tells them his birthday was seven months ago. Shortly after, he notices it's October 20, the day him and Carol consummated their relationship."

The viewer goes on to explain that although that would indicate Ross' birthday is in March, he later reveals his birthday is actually 18th October.

Friends fans are confused by Ross' birthday (

"A few seasons later, in the episode where he injures his hand trying to punch Joey, (he hits the pole behind Joey instead), he has Joey fill out forms for him at the hospital, and reminds Joey that his birthday is October 18th," the fan explains.

"So, which is it?"

To make matters more confusing, one fan took to the comments to explain how, in another episode, Ross explains his birthday is actually in December.

"When Gunther is asking about birthdays in the coffee shop also Ross says 'Mine is December..' but doesn't finish his sentence," they explained.

Rachel also appears to have more than one birthday (

And Ross isn't the only character who appears to have been given multiple birthdays in the show.

Despite Rachel telling Gunther in a season four episode that her birthday is 5th May, in another episode during season seven, a police officer who stops Ross and Rachel by the side of the road, reveals her star sign is Aquarius, meaning her birthday would be in either January or February.

Hmmm, which one is it guys?!

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