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First Look: Love Island Fans Convinced Gemma Has Hit 'Breaking Point'

First Look: Love Island Fans Convinced Gemma Has Hit 'Breaking Point'

Love Island fans suspect that the couple could be about to split.

Love Island fans are starting to suspect that Gemma Owen could finally be hitting a breaking point with her partner Luca Bish after the latest couples' challenge.

After catching a first look at tonight's (26 July) episode from ITV, fans of the series think that the loved-up couple might be on the rocks just a week before the final.

Take a look here:

The couple have had their share of tiffs in the past, but all in all, they've been a solid pair ever since they coupled up in the early episodes of the series.

Before tonight, Luca and Gemma's biggest row stemmed from the controversial Mad Movies night in the villa, when islanders were shown a clip of Gemma speaking to Billy.

While the chat was innocent, the clip seemed to imply that Gemma had been flirting with Billy, leaving Luca extremely upset.

No matter what she said, Gemma could not convince Luca that there was nothing going on between her and Billy - especially after Billy stirred the pot further and told Luca that he wouldn't have tried it on with Gemma if he didn't think he had a chance.

Eventually, the couple laid their feelings out on the table and made amends. But it looks like their fairytale villa life has only lasted so long.

Could Luca and Gemma be on the rocks?

In a teaser clip from tonight's episode, viewers got to see the girls taking part in a Mile High-themed challenge.

Dressed as cabin crew, the girls must prep the boys for departure, give a full safety briefing and offer refreshments before joining their chosen passenger for a private Mile High Club moment. 

But were Gemma's air hostess skills a little bit too friendly?

After the game ended and the islanders were sent back to the villa, the girls pointed out to Gemma that Luca seemed "a bit weird" during the challenge.

When Gemma tries to pull Luca aside to clear the air, things go from bad to worse, ending with Luca storming off in a huff.

Fans think Gemma has had enough of Luca.

Watching the sneak peek ahead of Tuesday night's full episode, some fans suspect that this could be the final straw for Gemma.

To make matters worse, the islanders are about to learn that the public have been voting for their favourite couple, leaving some people at risk of being dumped from the villa.

Could this be the end of Luca and Gemma? Or will they make up in time for the Love Island final?

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVHub.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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