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First look at Love Island's explosive movie night

First look at Love Island's explosive movie night

Looks like a lot of secrets are going to be revealed

All of the hidden secrets from the past few weeks will be brought out of the shadows in tonight's long-anticipated episode of Love Island.

The dreaded movie night will reveal all the skeletons in the closets of the nervous Islanders and it's most definitely going to get intense.

Watch it here:

The Love Island stars have had a lot to say about each other since the latest season first started last month (16 January).

Without phones, social media and pretty much any connection to the outside world - it's no wonder that this bunch have got caught up in so much chaos.

And while the couples tend to dread this part of the ITV show, it's clear that viewers back home - safe from the drama - can't get enough of it.

The nerve-wracking movie night will allow Islanders to see exactly what's been going out with their partners over at Casa Amor, but this time, up close and personal.

The dreaded movie night returns to the Villa this evening.

This includes Ron's lying to the girls about persuading and 'egging on' the other lads to be disloyal, Will taking no time to get off with Layla after having been with Jessie for over two weeks and Tanya kissing Martin, much to Shaq's heartbreak.

No doubt - it's going to spark some tensions.

The stress levels first started to rise when Ron received a shock text message, sending a flurry of activity through the villa.

Ron read the message aloud: "Islanders, it’s time to get glam hit the red carpet and grab some popcorn as tonight it's Movie Night."

The Islanders then broke out in a chorus of screams and nervous laughter as many replayed every possible thing they've done since arriving at the Villa.

Clearly stunned, Tanya exclaims: "No!" while Shaq asks her: "Is there anything you want to tell me?"


While the boys get ready for the fearful event, Kai offers them the advice: "Just prepare yourself."

All glammed-up and ready for one of the most awkward nights in the series, the Islanders walk down the red carpet and sit within their boys and girls teams.

To make matters worse, the apprehensive bunch have to first face a quiz before earning the right to pick a clip to watch.

Some of the clip titles include; 'Ronnie Darko', 'Free Will-y' and 'Shaq to the Future'.

While the boys take their seats, Will reveals: "I want mine over and done with and then I can cry or relax."

If the girls answer the first quiz question correctly, then they can therefore have first pick of the choice of film to watch.

However, we won't know what clip they go for and who plays the starring role until later on tonight.

And it's fair to say we're all very excited.

The Love Island movie night episode will air from 9 pm on ITV2 tonight (22 February).

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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