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The voice actor of Nemo has revealed his 'fondest memories' of Finding Nemo ahead of its 20th anniversary.

If you think finding a few grey hairs and frown lines makes you feel old, just wait until you hear this.

Finding Nemo is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Yes, it's coming up to a whole 20 years since the iconic Disney Pixar film was released on 10 October, 2003.

The actor who voiced adventurous clownfish Nemo, Alexander Gould, was just nine years old at the time, and has reflected on his journey portraying the little fish, now looking back on the movie as a 29-year-old.

Your face when you realise how old Finding Nemo is.
Disney/ Pixar

Voicing Nemo was a bit of a 'whirlwind' for Gould, who first started working on the film at the young age of six, spending the next three years of his life recording in the studio 'going back and forth to Pixar in San Francisco and going to Disney in Los Angeles'.

The huge success of the film meant Gould found the fame 'a lot to process' and he feels 'very lucky' he had such a 'grounded family life'.

"I don't think I really did process it, to be honest with you, until several years later. I even remember at the time realising that it was [...] a much bigger deal as a film than I thought it was going to be, than my parents thought it was going to be." he said.

Despite finding the success of the film and the subsequent fame 'overwhelming,' Gould still had a 'really fun time' portraying Nemo - but what were his 'fondest memories'?

Alexander Gould was six years old when he started recording the role of Nemo.
Alamy Stock Image/ Featureflash Archive

Gould explains that Finding Nemo's director, Andrew Stanton, played a major role in making his three years of filming so fun.

The 29-year-old credits Stanton for being 'really good at working with [him], [...] getting [him] excited about what was going on in the scene'.

The pair had 'a lot of fun in the studio,' playing games where Gould would throw cue cards across the room when they'd gotten through a page.

"[Stanton] was amazing and so dynamic," he resolves.

Gould has continued his acting career since the 2003 release, but he wasn't able to return to the voice of Nemo.
Lionsgate/ Showtime

It may be nearly 20 years since Finding Nemo was first released, but the 'beautiful themes' remain just as poignant for Gould.

He tells Good Morning America: "I think that's probably why it was such a cultural phenomenon at the time. It just spoke so deeply to everybody who watched it.

"You pick up all the good messages of having faith in yourself, trusting yourself, being able to overcome obstacles in your own life. Things that might seemingly hold you back don't actually hold you back.

"For parents, it has great themes around letting go and pushing your kids into the world and letting them thrive by their own merit."

Featured Image Credit: Disney

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